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    I'm a kinky 19 year old girl with a love for panties and toys. I'm a little girl submissive as well as an obedient puppy girl. I am owned by a wonderful man whom I call Daddy (I am not into incest, he is not my real father nor does he take his place).

    I love spankings and the idea of being tied up and used by Daddy and so on. I'm a slight masochist and am exploring more of my desires. I am also very much into more "vanilla" and sensual ways of expressing love.


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    7 Dec 2011 Lovehoney Multispeed Super Smoothie 7 Inch VibratorLovehoney Multispeed Super Smoothie 7 Inch Vibrator First toy - love it HisFuckbunny 10 out of 10


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    3 Nov 2011 Newbie's Initiation Test
     Age - 18 Gender - Female Relationship Status - Taken; closed, long-distance poly relationship Sexual Preference - Men but I like...
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    3 Nov 2011 Panties bunny wants 2
    3 Nov 2011 A kinky bunny's wants 7
    3 Nov 2011 Toys 8
    3 Nov 2011 Corsets, teddies, bras, etc. 8
    13 Apr 2013 Doll's Wishes 16


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