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    25+ years maried to my darling wife - JJane47 on here. Always been keen to explore new frontiers to make and keep our sex life exciting. So tends to be me that buys the toys and sexeccessories, goodness knows how many have been discarded over the years... finding new ways to give pleasure is something that i enjoy, seeing JJ respond to a different touch, a new sensation is for me part of my own fulfillment: Toys, bondage, spanking, sensation play, machines and more recently electro play are some of the slight kinks that i like to employ for her and ultimately our mutual enjoyment.


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    17 Sep 2017 Black Level PVC BraBlack Level PVC Bra Sexy Fetish Wear Heatseekher 9 out of 10
    17 Sep 2017 Latex Mini SkirtLatex Mini Skirt Super Sexy Heatseekher 9 out of 10
    17 Sep 2017 Gabriella Lace Top Sheer Hold Up StockingsGabriella Lace Top Sheer Hold Up Stockings Sexy Heatseekher 10 out of 10
    17 Sep 2017 Lovehoney Multispeed Silencer Whisper Quiet Waterproof VibratorLovehoney Multispeed Silencer Whisper Quiet Waterproof Vibrator Rumbly Power - and quiet too Heatseekher 10 out of 10
    17 Sep 2017 Dreamgirl Black Diamond Sheer Garter TightsDreamgirl Black Diamond Sheer Garter Tights Easier than stockings Heatseekher 10 out of 10
    17 Sep 2017 Lovehoney G-Slim Smoothie G-Spot VibratorLovehoney G-Slim Smoothie G-Spot Vibrator Great Value, Great Vibes Heatseekher 10 out of 10


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    Date Message Where?
    28 May 2014 digital (finger) sex by the guy on girl
    surely you should be posing the question to yoru wife? ' what is it you don't like?' There's a good guide somewhere to Yoni...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    27 May 2014 why cant I be more forward?
    communication can take various forms, it doesn't have to be a bald ' hey fancy ...' so you wore your fancy underwear and the hint...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    27 May 2014 No sex toy works on her (yet). Suggestions please?
    Answering questions posted on forums is always tricky as often there are elements that haven't been mentioned....... my 2 penneth based on what i've...
    Sex Toys
    26 Jan 2014 [guide] Performing cunnilingus (or eating pussy)
    It is so so easy to expect a man to simply get down to business and know what to do. Men are not born with the knowledge or skillset to provide...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    24 Jan 2014 When does a toy become "Extra Girthy"?
    irrespective of the answer as to what is extra girthy, is it just me that has to get a calculator/online to find out what xyz circumference...
    Sex Toys
    3 Jan 2014 My OH has lost interest in the bedroom
    my 2 penneth......from a guys perspective married for 25 yrs...... Fluff has pretty much nailed it in her summation. Just because you end...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    2 Jan 2014 Wife doesnt like vibrators.
    we've bought and discarded lots of toys, we've also had toys that were tried and put to the bottom of the toy store......some of those have...
    Sex Toys
    2 Jan 2014 Squirting
    yes it is real.....infact Mrs H ( JJ ) has just enjoyed that feeling once again in an earlier afternoon playtime.... there's umpteen...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    31 Dec 2013 Not willing to try!
    trading in my view isn't healthy - meaning 'i do this so you should do that'..... i can understand that there will always be a...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    31 Dec 2013 Ultimate Orgasm
    ultimate orgasm - mm open to interpretation, but i'd say that irrespectrive of much else its mind focused.......yes i get the point that you...
    Sex Toys
    30 Dec 2013 Which would you pick
    no brainer....... 1 night stand = good lover long term = personality
    Sex Tips & Talk
    7 Dec 2013 Massage
    i know that if i'm giving JJ a massage the chances are high that she'll get wet and horny, and if there's any doubt about that a short...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    6 Dec 2013 Vib. massager tips needed
    agree with Fluff - microphone stands are great aids......you can get smaller ones which are normally labelled as desk top stands, these are perfect...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    3 Dec 2013 Whats your favorite sey toy?In why?
    only 1??? can't do that as its mood based..... a good 'go to' is the Hitachi wand, over the years have bought and discarded...
    Sex Toys
    23 Nov 2013 Poor performance
    communication and interest. For starters a bit of communication may well be required if you havent broached your feelings, constructively done...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    24 Oct 2013 Anal toys - where to start?
    Anal toys - where to start? start at the bottom ? sorry couldn't help it.
    Sex Toys
    3 Sep 2013 Unable to Orgasm
    OK sticking my neck out here as clearly i can only relate 2nd hand as i'm a guy...... in terms of teh wand/attachment, can safely say that...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    27 Mar 2013 Little Help Pls - bit of dress up
    @ kasumi - yes i saw that, but no, it's not quite teh right thing really - need more of a 'dress'. @ Gym - a tad high for a bit...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    26 Mar 2013 Little Help Pls - bit of dress up
    Mrs H enjoys a bit of r/playing and after watching the continuing series of Spartacus has decided that it would be fun for her to dress and act out...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    27 Feb 2013 Giver or a Reciever?
    always good to give
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    17 Sep 2017 Sex Toy Testers 2


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