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    5 Jun 2017 Lovehoney Crotchless Lace Ruffle Back KnickersLovehoney Crotchless Lace Ruffle Back Knickers I didn't know ruffles could be so sexy GollyGotha 8 out of 10
    4 Jun 2017 Dreamgirl Plus Size Stretch Lace Fitted Sexy Chemise SetDreamgirl Plus Size Stretch Lace Fitted Sexy Chemise Set Comfortable, yet sexy GollyGotha 8 out of 10
    29 May 2017 Oh La La Cherie Caged Back Crotchless KnickersOh La La Cherie Caged Back Crotchless Knickers Really Sexy GollyGotha 9 out of 10
    29 May 2017 Lovehoney 10 Speed Dream Bullet VibratorLovehoney 10 Speed Dream Bullet Vibrator Small, but powerful GollyGotha 8 out of 10
    28 May 2017 Lovehoney Mains Powered Deluxe Magic Wand VibratorLovehoney Mains Powered Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator A Must-Have GollyGotha 9 out of 10
    20 Jul 2016 Lovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Buddy Butt PlugLovehoney BASICS Slimline Butt Buddy Butt Plug Perfect for Beginners GollyGotha 8 out of 10
    22 Jun 2016 Lovehoney Open Back Sheer Lace Knickers with StrapsLovehoney Open Back Sheer Lace Knickers with Straps Extremely Sexy GollyGotha 10 out of 10
    19 Jun 2016 Lovehoney Satin BlindfoldLovehoney Satin Blindfold Extremely comfortable GollyGotha 10 out of 10
    17 Jun 2016 Doc Johnson Good Head Deep Throat Spray 59mlDoc Johnson Good Head Deep Throat Spray 59ml Helping hand GollyGotha 8 out of 10
    8 Jun 2016 Doc Johnson Rear Entry Desensitising Lube 48mlDoc Johnson Rear Entry Desensitising Lube 48ml A must-have for beginners GollyGotha 10 out of 10
    26 May 2016 Lovehoney Flirty White Lace G-StringLovehoney Flirty White Lace G-String Cute and Comfortable GollyGotha 10 out of 10


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    Date Message Where?
    16 Jun 2017 Latex, anyone?
    Lovehoney - Jess Wilde wrote: Hey latex_lover It sounds like you would enjoy attending some latex events. Take a look at the...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    16 Jun 2017 Do you enjoy anal sex?
    Yes. I actually prefer it to vaginal sex.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    6 Jun 2017 Threesomes
    magsteve wrote: My partner and I are very keen to try a threesome and have looked at a couple of sites but seem to get no replys,...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    5 Jun 2017 Who Instigates the bedroom shenanigans?
    With my ex, there was no 'instigating' per say. We simply had to look at each other and our clothes would be off.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    4 Jun 2017 Bra size?
    38 H / 38HH Although I have a feeling this will change when I get re-measured.
    Lingerie & Clothing
    3 Jun 2017 Anxious about a potential fetish - help!
    Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with finding hentai which involves tentacles arousing and no, you haven't damaged your sexuality by...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    1 Jun 2017 Lingerie for big boobs
    ScumptiousDumptious wrote: Have you tried Bravissimo. They do larger cup sizes and sell some very pretty sets. They are pricy. I second...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    30 May 2017 ANY GAMERS
    Due to both of my younger siblings also being gamers, we have quite a collection of consoles, but I use my Xbox 360 the most. Although, I am looking...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    28 May 2017 Is there a phrase that tips over the edge
    Terri JJ wrote: 'Good girl, cum for me now' xx I also agree. Saying 'Good Girl' just makes me melt x
    Sex Tips & Talk
    27 May 2017 Who enjoys giving blowjobs
    I love giving blowjobs. I especially love waking someone up with one.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    25 May 2017 Have u ever tasted ur own cum?
    Yes I have. I actually really like how I taste and love nothing more than licking my juices off of someone else's fingers / cock or kissing...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    29 Aug 2016 Being the 'Other' woman/man/person
    (REMOVED AS PER OP REQUEST) I've known my ex since I was 13, so over half my age. We met online and became really good friends and when he split...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    18 Aug 2016 advice required please, dealing with severe period pain, cramps and sickness
    It's been almost two months since I agreed to have my coil fitted and my GP put in a request. I really hope it isn't going to take another...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    8 Aug 2016 Partner gets turned on quickly
    When I was with my ex, I was pretty much constantly turned on. Just thinking about him or reading a simple good morning text would do it for me....
    Sex Tips & Talk
    7 Aug 2016 Sleeping Beauty
    My ex and I have woken each other up with oral several times in the past and we both really enjoyed it, and we actually discussed this at great...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    3 Aug 2016 Amsterdam trip
    I didn't see this listed in the links posted by Sum Sub, but I apologise if I did miss it. Pannenkoekenboot, or Pancake Boat. ...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    27 Jul 2016 Nosy Family Members
    VioletWolf wrote: I remember getting my first sex toy (a rabbit) when I was 18 and usually left it at my bf's. Decided to bring...
    Sex Toys
    23 Jul 2016 Making fire
    jimbogemini wrote: Yep. Had to sleep with the windows open again. Bloody pigeons woke me early. Mmmm, BBQ pigeon. Don't...
    Introduce Yourself
    20 Jul 2016 Do you tell your boyfriend or husband when you masturbate?
    Yes, we both tell each other when we've cum, as well as sending the occasional photo, and what we thought about / watched etc... it's a...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    19 Jul 2016 Hot and Not Horny!
    Oh definitely, even with a fan on it's too hot, but as others have said, cold showers and ice cubes do help.
    Sex Tips & Talk


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