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    11 Jun 2020 Cum after vasectomy?
    I'm sure this has been asked before but I've heard good and bad things from friends that got it done. My wife is suggesting I might want to think...
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    29 May 2020 Masturbation
    I would just reassure her and let her know its fine to do and to enjoy it if thats what she wants to do. Me and the wife got together when we were...
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    12 May 2020 Any men or male partners with a Prince Albert piercing?
    I've got one and had it done about 4 years ago, I'd seen them and liked the idea of it so got it done. I've had a couple of different girlfriends see...
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    20 Apr 2020 Are mens thongs popular now?
    They are definately more popular just from how many are types, brands and styles are available. I tried them when I was at university about 15 years...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    9 Mar 2020 Do you know when your partner masturbates?
    My wife is quite adventurous sexually including being open that she likes to masturbate frequently, usually daily for her, and is not ashamed or shy...
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    5 Mar 2020 Are mens thongs popular now?
    I think they are more common now, I started wearing them about 15 years ago at uni and there are more to choose from now and they seem pretty...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    9 Dec 2019 Piercing present for my girlfriend?
    Me and my girlfriend make gift lists for Xmas so we have an idea what to get each and don't end up with unusable junk. This year she has not been shy...
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