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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    7 Oct 2018 Lovehoney Seduce Me Moulded Plunge DressLovehoney Seduce Me Moulded Plunge Dress Nice dress Ghek 8 out of 10
    14 Sep 2018 Bedroom Vows 72 Activity CardsBedroom Vows 72 Activity Cards Fun way to spice up things Ghek 8 out of 10
    14 Sep 2018 Tracey Cox Supersex 10 Function Silicone Wand VibratorTracey Cox Supersex 10 Function Silicone Wand Vibrator Powerful Ghek 9 out of 10


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    Date Message Where?
    Tuesday Lovehoney Sex Toy Tester Thread 2019
    Updated 😊
    Inside Lovehoney
    2 Nov 2018 Ladies - spit or swallow
    Swallow Not all married women stop giving blow jobs lol. My husband is very lucky 😂😂😂
    Sex Tips & Talk
    2 Nov 2018 Fave type of porn
    Lesbian (particulary scissoring) Threesome Men masturbating Straight sex Depends on the mood. Hate anything anal.
    Sex Tips & Talk


    Date Wishlist name Items
    14 Sep 2018 Sex Toy Testers 1


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