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    16 Feb 2016 Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking PaddleFifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle Delivers a nice sting FunTimeFancy 9 out of 10
    25 Jan 2016 Tracey Cox Supersex Beginner's Soft Bondage KitTracey Cox Supersex Beginner's Soft Bondage Kit A must-buy for any bedroom FunTimeFancy 10 out of 10
    7 Jan 2016 Lovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal KitLovehoney Get Started Beginner's Anal Kit Perfect for a change in the bedroom FunTimeFancy 9 out of 10
    7 Jan 2016 Lovehoney BASICS Smoothy Anal ProberLovehoney BASICS Smoothy Anal Prober Must-have toy for every 'toy box' FunTimeFancy 10 out of 10


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    31 May 2017 Does your OH come home smelling of their Job ?
    My husband works in a metal factory, he comes home smelling of metal and rust, and often sweats out rust from his pores. I can't have white bed...
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    31 May 2017 How long have you been together ???
    Together 13 years, married for 10 x
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    22 Oct 2016 Having sex whilst she is on
    We just carry on as normal, towels on the bed and jump in the shower straight after to clean up. Not a big deal for us. Mind, saying that,...
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    7 Oct 2016 Anyone help with or know about E D?
    Don't know if it's much help to you, but is there any chance you could be diabetic? My husband is type 1 diabetic and had some problems in...
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    14 Apr 2016 Rimming on women
    Yes! I'm working my way up to doing it to my husband too.........he's not been all that keen but I'm reassuring him that he'd love...
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    7 Apr 2016 Pushing your own boundaries!
    My husband and I both agreed to email each other. I'm quite fiesty, have a hot-headed temper and am quite impatient, I also don't mind some...
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    7 Apr 2016 Advice about spanking
    We don't seem to have had any problems, I can often here next door like them shutting doors or the kids playing, however our bedroom is on the...
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    5 Apr 2016 Glass Dildo
    http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=17187 These were my first glass toys, and I always tend to go back to these, the clear one is my...
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    4 Apr 2016 What accent makes you melt.
    Oh I'm not quite sure. Probably Irish for me. I speak with a geordie accent and my husband has a mancunian/cheshire accent....I hate both when I hear...
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    4 Apr 2016 A quick survey about clitoral orgasms when the lady is on top!
    I can but I have to be facing his feet and then sitting up straight. It doesn't happen all the time and I tire quite easily so often need to change...
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    1 Apr 2016 It is April Fools !
    This morning I was parked beside my dads car in the supermarket car park. Did our shopping and came out. My parents were back at the cars before me...
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    20 Mar 2016 Lovehoney new flirty bra's
    I'd definitely be interested in the sizing. I'm a 38F bra size, and nothing worse than bras that don't fit properly. I'm a huge fan...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    15 Mar 2016 Newbie's Initiation Test PART 2
    Can't remember if I posted on last thread or not, so here goes x Age - 30 Gender - Female Relationship Status - Married Sexual Preference -...
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    12 Mar 2016 Doms/spankers.......what does it make you feel like?
    Just realised my title should read 'How does it make you feel' rather that what does it make you feel like!
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    12 Mar 2016 Doms/spankers.......what does it make you feel like?
    Just wondering..... My husband loves spanking me, he used to use his hands but we got a paddle and he happily paddled me with it. I then asked...
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    7 Mar 2016 Desert Island Dildos
    My Tracey Cox supersex duo glass dildos..........I love glass :)
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    5 Mar 2016 Anal orgasm.
    My hubby has the booty buddy Edward and loves it. The first anal orgasm he had, he was left shaking and said his whole body just 'vibrated'...
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    5 Mar 2016 Male moaning, grunting, orgasmic sounds? love it or hate it?
    I thought I'd already commented on this thread, but clearly haven't! lol. I absolutely love to hear my husband moan and groan...
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    5 Mar 2016 Christening the House
    Hell yeah! We love christening the house! I was over the moon recently that we christened our living room carpet - it's been down a year...
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    5 Mar 2016 Men...
    My husband is just starting to get 'into' it. I've suggested it in the past and he wasn't bothered. Recently, we realised we'd...
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