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    Loves outdoor and creative ideas of making life interesting to live.


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    21 Jun 2011 The Curve Male Chastity KitThe Curve Male Chastity Kit BIG cage for my Big man foxy_me 8 out of 10
    21 Jun 2011 Bondage Boutique Soft Cotton Shibari Rope 10 Metre PurpleBondage Boutique Soft Cotton Shibari Rope 10 Metre Purple Bondage the Shibari way foxy_me 10 out of 10


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    30 Jul 2011 Male waxing
    I like to keep my hubby smooth. He used to get ingrowing hairs with shaving so I've been using IPL hair removal on him. No it's really smooth I love...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    10 Jul 2011 My first experience of male chastity (CB-3000)
    Thanks for the helpful posts Lubyanka. I've only just started experimenting with chastity devices on my hubby and found your posts really interesting...
    Sex Toys
    10 Jul 2011 Chastity/Teasing
    If you're interested in it then it's definitely worth giving it a try - it's worth trying anything at least once! We got my hubby's chastity device...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    10 Jul 2011 Locked
    I got my hubby a curve male chastity device last month and have to say I love having him locked up in it, teasing him and controlling his c*ck We got...
    Sex Tips & Talk


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