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    4 Aug 2011 Whirling Spray Anal DoucheWhirling Spray Anal Douche Does the job Enjoy me 8 out of 10
    4 Aug 2011 Sweet Streak Parisian Ruffles Lace-Up Bustier G-String and Skirt SetSweet Streak Parisian Ruffles Lace-Up Bustier G-String and Skirt Set Fantastic Enjoy me 10 out of 10


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    18 Dec 2012 The Pill question
    Tis all normal, obviously side effects differ from woman to woman but irritability and mood swings are fairly common. I couldnt get along with...
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    18 Dec 2012 any ladies get turned on by watching your bloke have a wank?
    I would love to watch oh lose control in that way but dunno how to ask him and he doesnt really 'get' hints. Pretty sure he would...
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    18 Dec 2012 Sexiest clothing?
    Low rise jeans on men and nothing else or full suit - including waistcoat Got to love a man who is sexy as hell in a suit during the...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    18 Dec 2012 Love tokens
    b-master wrote: I am currently designing some sexy coupons in photoshop for my wife for Christmas, here is the short list....
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    18 Dec 2012 So where is everyone from?
    Living in Birmingham but from Manchester (no brummie accent for me!)
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    18 Dec 2012 Lovehoney virgin!
    Hello and welcome Kitty, they are a very friendly bunch on here x
    Introduce Yourself
    17 Dec 2012 being watched
    Slightly insecure over here - would spend the whole time breathing in and wondering if the person watching can see me wobbling so would ruin the...
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    14 Dec 2012 Men and women who moan
    CorrieA wrote: Avrielle_Aniko wrote: OhItIsLove<3 wrote: dotdashdot wrote: I can't help moaning with pleasure! I'm quite loud in bed...
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    14 Dec 2012 My plan this Christmas. Anyone else planning something intimate and adventurous?
    jimm88 wrote:  Ok, I'm a little turned on reading that.. lucky woman! This... Vaaary lucky woman
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    14 Dec 2012 Men who cook
    Hmm, not som much about cooking but definately when man creates something with his bare hands - any form of DIY/manual labour.
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    25 Aug 2011 Pole Dancing- anyone ever tried it?
    I really really want to get into pole dancing... Have look at some classes around my area but considering i live in a major city there arent many....
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    24 Aug 2011 Testicles
    I love the feeling on my OH's testicles against me when were having sex, especially during doggy style when the hard/faster he moves I can feel them...
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    22 Aug 2011 Cut or uncut?
    Its been so long since i experienced an 'uncut' penis that i dont really remember if it was any easier. My partner had his removed and i much prefer...
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    13 Aug 2011 Anal Stimulation
    If your up to it you could possibly use your mouth/tongue in that area... I was sceptical at first but i love it now...I know it wont be possible to...
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    11 Aug 2011 Does having sex wake you up or make you sleepy?
    sharry wrote: My OH and I were discussing this last night as (he) dosed off after sex. I find that afterwards I feel energised yet relaxed, a...
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    7 Aug 2011 how many tyms a week do you watch porn on the net?????
    I go through phases... One week i watch porn 2-3 times daily. Other times i go months without watching any. Have to be in the mood for it...
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    4 Aug 2011 Is it just me?
    This is the same as me, i find that i have to be really turned on for it to actually happen. My current method is to not orgasm for a couple of days...
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    4 Aug 2011 Last book you read/reading
    Just started Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen... Before that I read 'One Day' by David Nicholls and it was brillaint, had me smiling, laughing and...
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    4 Aug 2011 hair colour preferences?
    I love long wavy thick dark hair on women - would love my hair to be like that. Thats what my partner likes it seems. I have mid brown/blonde shoulder...
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    3 Aug 2011 Which is your favourite 69 position?
    I prefer me on top... Mainly because my partner is 17.7st worth of muscle and i think i would probably die if it were the other way round :D Em
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    15 Jul 2011 Those things I like... 23


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