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    We're a couple, with a couple of kids, trying to break free from the routine of mum and dad and find ourselves once again.

    We have a toy box and a few special pieces of underwear, which will have to find a new place away from prying eyes.


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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    29 May 2018 Lovehoney Crotchless All-in-One Floral Lace BodystockingLovehoney Crotchless All-in-One Floral Lace Bodystocking A very pleasant surprise EeeeeeHeeeeeeee 9 out of 10
    22 May 2018 Lovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant 250mlLovehoney Enjoy Water-Based Lubricant 250ml Not bad - a little sticky EeeeeeHeeeeeeee 7 out of 10


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    Date Message Where?
    14 Mar 2019 Lovehoney Sex Toy Tester Thread 2019
    Updated list. As penetrating toys dont really do it for my belle, these wands would be ideal for us to lose ourselves.
    Inside Lovehoney
    30 May 2018 I got a pressie part 5
    We love the fact that someone else is actually buying you something sexy. Kind and naughty :) May have to start look at others wishlists and...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    29 May 2018 I got a pressie part 5
    Seriously? Are there lucky people out there who just receive goodies from their postman? Is this an additional service Royal Mail now offers? If so...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    29 May 2018 Lovehoney Sex Toy Tester Thread 2018
    First time tester applicants here... Written a few reviews, building our wishlist, and eager to help our :)
    Inside Lovehoney
    25 May 2018 Lovehoney Sex Toy Tester Thread 2018
    Made our very first list :)
    Inside Lovehoney


    Date Wishlist name Items
    10 Aug 2012 Sex Toy Testers 20


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