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    i had gay panter loge time ago i can not get anel of wife but do love cook but like female to geve it to me love to flart with both sex 6ft toll and i am up for any thig ones i wood lick to triy any thig just to say that i have dun that


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    11 Aug 2012 Anal....do you think it's a big deal...???
    yes it dus a littal stay open  not a lot but the placher is a lot more then haveing it normal lolfor me to have anol macks me fill so graaat
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    11 Aug 2012 Where do you like to shoot or him to shoot his load?
    i likc to soot over billy  coz i likc the womon to have a stapon   then going down on har licking all up but if i am haveing gay sex i...
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