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    In a monogamous relationship with my wife but I challenge anyone to call it boring or plain vanilla.

    We continue to develop and grow our sexual attraction to each other through the contents of the box in the cupboard known as the "swinging from the chandeliers" locker.

    Relative newcomers to LH but past (and still occasional) customers of a traditional shop with shelves. We would both love to walk up and down the aisles of the LH warehouse with a shopping trolley.

    By the way, the profile pic is not me or my OH. It is just an intriguing use of a Wartenburg wheel that I have never thought of.


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    Date See the product Read the review Reviewer Rating
    19 Apr 2019 Tease by Lovehoney Crop BlackTease by Lovehoney Crop Black Look, it leaves little hearts on your bum collector 9 out of 10
    9 Sep 2018 Lovehoney Magic 8 Stretchy Silicone Cock and Ball RingLovehoney Magic 8 Stretchy Silicone Cock and Ball Ring My OH loves liquorice collector 10 out of 10
    24 Jun 2018 Lovehoney Plus Size Seduce Me Red Push-Up Chemise SetLovehoney Plus Size Seduce Me Red Push-Up Chemise Set Grrrrrr! collector 7 out of 10
    18 Jun 2017 Leather Mouth Gag Dildo HarnessLeather Mouth Gag Dildo Harness Oh, collector collector 10 out of 10
    22 Jul 2016 Renegade Rubber Latex Wear Male Open LeotardRenegade Rubber Latex Wear Male Open Leotard It must be a sin... collector 8 out of 10
    12 Mar 2016 Fetish Fantasy Ball Gag Training SystemFetish Fantasy Ball Gag Training System Perfect for perfect little mouths collector 10 out of 10
    12 Mar 2016 Rocks Off Ro-Zen 7 Function Double Cock Ring and Vibrating Butt PlugRocks Off Ro-Zen 7 Function Double Cock Ring and Vibrating Butt Plug Just didn't work for us collector 3 out of 10
    11 Aug 2014 Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Realistic Silicone VibratorLovehoney Oh! Rabbit Realistic Silicone Vibrator Tricksy the Bunny Rabbit collector 8 out of 10


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    Date Message Where?
    3 May 2020 Topless on the beach
    I’ve been to plenty of beaches with my wife in Greece where just about every woman was topless. I have to report that because everyone does it, it...
    Introduce Yourself
    27 Apr 2020 What do you say when you are cumming?
    DanceswithPenguins wrote: FoxyLea87 wrote: Normally shout out my husband's name😋 Normally shout out the wrong the name  I was watching a...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    15 Apr 2020 Does looking at porn pics turn you on as much as video porn?
    I have a few volumes of photographs (yes books!) published by Taschen from artists such as Eric Kroll, Doris Kloster, Roy Stuart and I have always...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    8 Apr 2020 nipple play
    During a session years ago my OH started teasing me by barely touching my bits and then surprised me by lightly pinching my nipples. When I groaned...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    8 Apr 2020 Whats your favourite butt toy and why?
    Maturecpl wrote: My favourite is my Pony tail butt plug . Apart from the obvious tight lovely feeling I like the animal naughtiness feeling 😊x I...
    Sex Toys
    9 Feb 2020 Wobbly bits and rolls in sexy lingerie
    Honestly, feeling good in what you wear is more than half the battle. Feeling good and having the confidence to smile when you are wearing it.  I...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    19 Jan 2020 Teasing.
    My OH and I were browsing through the shelves and rails of a kinky clubware and bondage shop once. The shop was open into the early evening and there...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    19 Jan 2020 Men shaving or waxing .....
    Kinky Couple 12399 wrote: still not worked as well as id have liked with the cream  dunno why but its still a bit prickly Very tempted to try...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    19 Jan 2020 Makeshift Toys
    paulsballs wrote: A stick of rock which was ok until she came, arched her back and snapped the rock inside herself,  That made me LOL but...
    Sex Toys
    19 Jan 2020 Makeshift Toys
    Trine wrote: Lets not forget the electric toothbrush. LH has an app for that https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=10535
    Sex Toys
    27 Dec 2019 Suction Cup dildo and a rubber ball.
    You should have asked Santa for a space hopper.
    Sex Toys
    12 Dec 2019 Favourite types of pictures in the photo gallery
    Bigiain wrote: Any that show "real people" wearing the garments instead of models or a Photoshopped image This is very useful and has...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    7 Dec 2019 Animal tail butt plugs
    I think that these are fun and also love the idea of a tail swishing across the back of my OH’s legs as she walks. But she said “Huh?”  Thus proving...
    Sex Toys
    9 Nov 2019 Sexiest accents that turn you on.
    Love2havefun wrote: We're Welsh and do like our accents. I like a female Welsh accent. Bumped into a Welsh girl on holiday in Greece once and...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    9 Nov 2019 FFM
    AWB1955 wrote: Yes it big turn on for bus not sure how to go about it what about you l2havefun Jeez, mate. Not on the bus! Have some decorum. 
    Sex Tips & Talk
    9 Nov 2019 juices
    I prefer her to shove her fingers into my mouth.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    9 Nov 2019 Best position for her to climax during sex
    This reminds me of the joke of a husband saying to his wife “you don’t make much noise when you orgasm” and she replies “you’re never there when I...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    9 Nov 2019 Couples who have anal sex: condoms or not?
    We have condoms in our play kit but only use them for anal. Having said that, there have been occasions when the mood hits us both and we have...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    19 Oct 2019 Safe word
    AsYouWish! wrote: Smultron wrote: I'm poly and too lazy to remember different safewords för different partners... So we use green, yellow/orange...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    29 Sep 2019 Nipple sensations - what's your experience?
    First place an ice cube in a plastic bag and apply to the nipples until hard. Then attach clover clips and indulge in fun. At point of orgasm yank...
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