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    I love to try now sex toys. Im not fussy at all and I am very adventures with sex to. I love to try new things and get a better or extreme orgasm and try new things that might spice up my sex life.


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    12 Dec 2016 Fun Zone Double Pumped Iron Anus and Vagina Male StrokerFun Zone Double Pumped Iron Anus and Vagina Male Stroker Good for beginners cobra1987 10 out of 10
    12 Dec 2016 Sue Johanson Glow in the Dark Vibrating Super Head HonchoSue Johanson Glow in the Dark Vibrating Super Head Honcho Good meaty sex you for beginers cobra1987 10 out of 10
    10 Dec 2016 Medi-Touch Disposable Latex Gloves (10 pack)Medi-Touch Disposable Latex Gloves (10 pack) A must-buy for anal play cobra1987 10 out of 10
    10 Dec 2016 ID Glide Pump Bottle 500mlID Glide Pump Bottle 500ml ID Glide Water-Based Lubricant 500ml cobra1987 10 out of 10
    11 Dec 2013 Squeezer Teaser Nipple ClampsSqueezer Teaser Nipple Clamps Best Nipple Clamps cobra1987 10 out of 10


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    1 Mar 2017 Female Ejaculation
    I feel that their a lot of info on the web if you google how to Female Ejaculation even on youtube. I think you have simulate but i could be wrong....
    Sex Toys
    28 Feb 2017 Quotes needed: guys, what really turns you on?
    Well for me my turns on are wet and oily body during sex. I also like kissing during sex is big turn on. Also snow ball in the mouth is big...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    27 Feb 2017 Are you a Looner ?
    Hi have seen this documentary a few years back and I did not know that this exist but for some this fantasy which is turn on. For it does not do...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    23 Feb 2017 Porn sites - uploading your own content
    Well I would say go for it as long as you have the right of the video then you can. I don't really use porn sites as i use kodi addon but...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    23 Feb 2017 Shaving
    Hi well thats looks like a good product. As for your husband Shaving you can be turn on for some men. If he likes to help you then i would say let...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    19 Feb 2017 nipple twisting
    I suppose some men don't like this but some men love it. I don't mind nipple play to turn you on is good way.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    19 Feb 2017 Therapy
    If you need some help then you need to find sex therapist or coach but I would advise some with experience as its hard to find one that is good and...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    18 Feb 2017 Wet Dream.
    I think if you don't have sex or masturbate it can start to happen. I dont know why but for me is when it happens at random. I think its our...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    16 Feb 2017 picking a condom help
    Ok thank you I will try a regular and try a few brands thansk you.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    15 Feb 2017 Penis Enlargement
    Well you could use a pump but you could also try some pill I came across a site *removed by moderator* . He is real porn start who had done some...
    Sex Toys
    14 Feb 2017 picking a condom help
    So I am thinking of buying a comdom when i see that most dont buy the correct size so i need some help so in size i need is penis length 4...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    14 Feb 2017 Do women enjoy Male Strippers as much as Men enjoy Female Ones?
    I dont mind but some find it a turn on other will not but as long as you both enjoy your time i guess no harm done.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    4 Feb 2017 edible condom?
    Hi so i have a question does one know if edible condom? Does this even exist? Can you eat these edible condom?
    Sex Tips & Talk
    3 Feb 2017 Competitive Apps
    Hi yes their is you can play a game who orgasm more take a look at http://orgasmscale.com and play this game. its good if you think you might want...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    3 Feb 2017 Sex machine
    Hi their are some sex machines are good thier are some on love honey. Also you can google it and see what comes up and see what other come up.
    Sex Toys
    29 Jan 2017 Storage for larger toys
    Hi why not use big storage chest as this what i use through not portable but it does what i want. The one i have is wooden one through you can...
    Sex Toys
    28 Jan 2017 Using a wand <3
    Hi have a look at this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2011/11/18/love-your-magic-wand-vibrator/ and mebe Wand Essentials Vibrator Comfort Love...
    Sex Toys
    27 Jan 2017 Womens used footwear
    Hi and welcome well i would say if that turn you on then thats good. It may fetish but some fetish can be some fun in the bedroom also. I hope you...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    26 Jan 2017 Rough Sex/Masturbation
    Its ok to be a bit like this. If you both have a good time. It also good to safe work also. If you trust each other then go for it.
    Sex Tips & Talk
    25 Jan 2017 Who takes sex toys on overseas holidays?
    I would say I dont think they will stop you but I am not sure about lube. more research is needed lol. Take toys that require battery as this...
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