1. ChloJakes: Photos

    ''Don't you think you have enough toys and lingerie by now, Chloe?'' Ehh no. In my world, you can never have enough. Love trying new things but also playing with the solid staples that have done me well over the years.

    I'm a giant at 5ft 11, size 14/16 top, 16/18 bottom, 36Ds, long rapunzel like hair, green eyes. Junk in the trunk? Yeah, that's me. Plus size stuff fits me better, there's no awkward camel toes going on.

    I'm bi-sexual. Thought so for a while, but I'd say it's a definite now.

    Favourites: glass and steel dildos, 7''+ dildos, clit clamps, pussy pumps, tongue flickers, classic vibes.

    I love lingerie, a good body or a bra and pants set makes me feel like a goddess.

    I'm a good laugh and can down a gin quicker than anyone you know ;) Oh and I'm an expert at beer pong.


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