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    looking to add some extra spice! open to trying anything really me and partner just want to explore everything we can ;) not into pain or anything disgusting, looking to explore bondage and light bdsm. we have tried the norm dildos and bullets and now want something more.


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    11 Dec 2015 System JO H2O Water-Based Lubricant 120mlSystem JO H2O Water-Based Lubricant 120ml Fantastic lube Burgen1 10 out of 10
    11 Dec 2015 Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet VibratorTracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator Amazing Burgen1 10 out of 10
    10 Dec 2015 Lovehoney Multispeed Micro Magic Wand VibratorLovehoney Multispeed Micro Magic Wand Vibrator Not to partner's liking Burgen1 2 out of 10


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    19 Dec 2015 Little help from the ladies
    Thank you for all your replies, glad to see its fairly common, wel take back to basics just teasing and building tension I think, il let you know how...
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    18 Dec 2015 Little help from the ladies
    During the past couple weeks, missus has found climaxing difficult, clit going numb when using bullets and struggling to orgasm, anyone experienced...
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    12 Dec 2015 helllloooo newbies here.
    Cheers guys
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    12 Dec 2015 Hi there I'm new to the forum
    Hi welcome, always found customer service great even when phoning up to order. Xx
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    11 Dec 2015 Men shaving their pubes
    Balls and ass shaved with trimmed on top, much cleaner and looks nicer! 😜
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    11 Dec 2015 So, I'm rubbish at this stuff but, Hello!
    hello welcome newbies here two, and yes winter should just be in bed with o after o lol
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    11 Dec 2015 helllloooo newbies here.
    hi guys just done me first reviews :0 xx
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    11 Dec 2015 helllloooo newbies here.
    hi guys n gals new here. x
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    11 Dec 2015 Sex toy tester 9


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