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    Involved in my local BDSM community, love attending play events, and watching how other people play, love attending my local dungeon it's where I feel the most at home, that and sitting at my Sirs feet xx

    Submissive to my Sir, bottom to play partners, and a definite masochist, pain makes me oomph and sensory deprivation and being restricted is a double oomph, recently discovered I now have a thing for Russian gas masks and it's always in my toy bag along with my strait jacket xx


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    28 Aug 2017 Bondage Boutique Open Mouth Spandex HoodBondage Boutique Open Mouth Spandex Hood Bondage hood Bubble Gum 10 out of 10


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    6 Sep 2017 favourite sex position
    I recently discovered a position called "the amazon" if I tried to explain it, it wouldn't make any sense, but it's AMAZING!!!! ;)
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    6 Sep 2017 Chain Reaction part 5
    Here again
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    5 Sep 2017 What are you doing tonight?
    Tonight I'll be going to a munch, and then a much needed trip to the local dungeon :)
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    1 Sep 2017 One naughty fact about you?
    I prefer anal sex than piv ;)
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    28 Aug 2017 Rate the avatar of the person above you! Part 6
    Peachy xx
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    28 Aug 2017 BDSM personality quiz
    Not once but twice, twice!! It came back as 39% vanilla, I cried, I drank, cried some more, then asked my Sir for a caning :)
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    28 Aug 2017 What's your favourite and least favourite part of your body?
    Favorite: I love, love, love my thighs Least favourite: definitely my mum tum, it seems to bother me more than anyone else
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    5 Sep 2017 Sex Toy Tester 0


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