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    6 Jan 2019 Sex schedule
    We don't have a schedule as such - but for quite a few years now Wednesday has been our 'party' night. Might sound an odd day - but a club local to...
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    6 Jan 2019 Would You Ever... Part 6
    We've taken some on holiday before  - but never used them outside in the garden if thats what you mean. WYE use some elses sex toys without asking...
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    6 Jan 2019 Fantasy location
    The ide of doing it on a deserted beach was a fantasy for both of us. As often happens with fantasies the reality doesn't live up to it - and yes...
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    6 Jan 2019 Tasting own cum
    I never really wanted to taste my own cum as such - my OH was always getting me to try it - after all she swallowed it so what was wrong with it. She...
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    6 Jan 2019 Moaner or lip biter
    Having been in a house with 4 kids for many years we had become quite a quiet couple - however now we're in an empty house my OH has become to be...
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    6 Jan 2019 Voyeurism
    Have to say this is one of the horniest things we have ever done - theres something about watching someone else doing it that just heightens the...
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    25 Nov 2018 A sexy secret about you
    I think the problem is that everyone has differant ideas of what is 'normal' when it comes to sex - so the idea of something kinky is quite a wide...
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    25 Nov 2018 Where do you like to shoot or him to shoot his load?
    For me its anywhere - although the best time was when I did it over her boobs and she rubbed it in and then licked them clean! She seems to have...
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    25 Nov 2018 nude beaches your cup of tea??
    Booked a short notice holiday to Menorca back in September, and just about every beach we went to had nudits on. We're both over 50 and have more...
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    25 Nov 2018 Girls, do you usually swallow his cum?
    As others have said - its a personal choice and there is no right or wrong answer. I've been with women who absolutley love it - and others who...
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    25 Nov 2018 Would you rather?
    Finger up someones bum. WYR be naked in front of friends or strangers?
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    25 Nov 2018 Guys - do ou wear lingerie?
    We were away for a weekend recently and I managed to forget my own pants. First day I wore a pair of my partners lacey knickers - but have to say it...
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