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    Very well endowed young straight guy, sexually open and dominant. Enjoy pleasuring partners, swinger scene and nudist activities.


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    20 Apr 2015 What was your best/worst experience
    Best probably just great pounding rough sex with a girl who seemed to have a magic vagina. Worst; one girls pussy stunk of jalepenos, I had...
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    20 Apr 2015 Do guys prefer a tight or loose pussy?
    'loose' for me, much easier to penetrate and more fun when you're a very large guy. Although to be fair even 'loose'...
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    20 Apr 2015 Too Big??
    Feeling relaxed about it and not worrying about whether it will fit helps. I tend to use water based lubricants (im a very large guy, can...
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    20 Apr 2015 The bigger the man the bigger the cock
    Don't think there is much to be said about this 'correlation'. I'm only 5'8 height wise but im very well endowed, so i'd...
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    20 Apr 2015 fake or natural...?
    TBH i do like big boobs and its fantastic if a woman has naturally big boobs, but fair play on women who want to enhance to bigger boobs if they do...
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    20 Apr 2015 Guys and big boobs...
    There just awesome :D kind of hard to explain. I guess there just great for using as a pillow, sucking, fondling and just to look at. I am a...
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    20 Apr 2015 penis size dissapointment
    If you want to increase size you really need to combine stretching with pumping and a herbal supplement, in a structured regime. Reading various...
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    20 Apr 2015 Cream Pie?
    Blowing inside is a huge turn on, I creampie as much as possible
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