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    hi we are a going steady and easy going couple who enjoy experimenting and playing with toys. we are both looking forward to getting to know new people.


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    30 Dec 2012 Doc Johnson Man's Grease Water-Based Lube 200mlDoc Johnson Man's Grease Water-Based Lube 200ml Luber's dream bellatrix 9 out of 10


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    10 Dec 2012 How big of a flirt are you?
    im a massive flirt some times others read it the wrong way and i can get in to a little trouble hehe
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    6 Dec 2012 Swingers!
    Thingamee wrote: squirtin_blk.bbw wrote: I have been one for about 5 months now? I really want to go to a swingers party and I heard there is...
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    5 Dec 2012 Swingers!
    me and my OH have been swinging for about 3 years now we have been to a cople of clubs and stayed at buddys in blackpool through doing this we have...
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    1 Dec 2012 Last book you read/reading
    im reading the sword of truth series by terry goodkind 1st; wizards first rule 2nd; stone of tears 3rd; blood of the fold 4th; temple of the winds...
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    22 Nov 2012 Men with long hair
    i love men with long hair yes im with someone who has none at all but the thought of running my hands through long hair really dose it for me to put...
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    18 Nov 2012 If you liked it then you should of put a ring on it.. oh wait he has!!
    congratulations to you both xx
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    16 Nov 2012 Everything is going well, but . . .
    hi georgina like yourself my partner is 20 years older than myself we hae been together 3 years and from the very start he has always taken a long...
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    12 Nov 2012 Ladies, how often do you you use a vibrator?
    3 to 4 times a week when ever i play with myself or with my partner  xx
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    11 Nov 2012 Threesomes
    iv had MMF and FFM threesomes my first (MMF) time of having a treesome was with 2 very good friend of mine and i found it very sexy passionate...
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