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    An asian couple in the UK. we're both Bengali ethnic but born and raised in the UK. married for 10 years looking to spice up our sex life.


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    15 Jul 2014 In the height of passion would you ...
    in the height of passion, i've licked my way from wife's pussy to her ass and given her an anal probing with my tongue. for her, she...
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    13 Jul 2014 squirt
    while sucking your pussy into his mouth and flicking his tongue against your clit, get him to push two fingers into your pussy and curl his fingers...
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    13 Jul 2014 Lady Juices
    i don't think there's anything strange about it at all. all of the women i've ever known have really enjoyed doing this after i...
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    13 Jul 2014 How to stop a girl cumming?
    My wife cums too quickly too.  She's very excited by clit play and has much bigger orgasms that way. The posters above who've...
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    13 Jul 2014 hi everyone
    we're a UK asian couple in our mid 30s, married for 10 years. sex life has gotten a little stale so we're looking to spice it up...
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