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    I’m a happy straight faithful guy in love with my fiancé expanding my ongoing journey discovering better sex, with new techniques, toys and pleasures!


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    10 Aug 2018 Lovehoney Supreme Sensation Pussy PumpLovehoney Supreme Sensation Pussy Pump Pumptastic fun ;)amo 10 out of 10


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    12 Aug 2018 Pubic Hair Survey
    We go with the flow. Sometimes it’s all off and other times we let it grow! We can be opposites sometimes. Her bushy and me bold as a coot. And vice...
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    12 Aug 2018 You people are lovely
    My OH and me think about other people but we talk about it and bring that fantasy into the bedroom.
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    12 Aug 2018 Newbie inbound
    Yes Badger. It’s fun reading around the topics and threads. Some funny things going on! XGran Damo or ;)amo Hope that clarifies matters!
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    11 Aug 2018 Newbie inbound
    Thanks to the welcoming committee 🙌🙏
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    11 Aug 2018 Spice up your life!!
    Time together, trips away and at the moment some toys and lingerie
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    11 Aug 2018 Lonely....
    Hey there. I read your post earlier and didn’t have time to reply. Please don’t go blaming yourself and thinking you pushed him away. This may come...
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    11 Aug 2018 Newbie inbound
    Thought it was about time to say “Hi!” Hi 😁
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