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    11 Jan 2014 TENGA Egg SpiderTENGA Egg Spider OH loves this Always Hot 10 out of 10
    3 Dec 2013 Lovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator Gift SetLovehoney Deluxe Magic Wand Vibrator Gift Set My New Favourite Sex Toy Always Hot 10 out of 10
    16 Nov 2013 The Silver Collection Faux Leather FloggerThe Silver Collection Faux Leather Flogger Great fun for play time Always Hot 10 out of 10
    5 Nov 2013 Dreamgirl Playroom Pet Shiny Strapless DressDreamgirl Playroom Pet Shiny Strapless Dress Sexy as hell Always Hot 10 out of 10
    12 Oct 2013 Comfortably Numb Spearmint Deep Throat Spray 29mlComfortably Numb Spearmint Deep Throat Spray 29ml Deeper and fresher for longer Always Hot 10 out of 10
    12 Oct 2013 Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Rabbit Cock RingLovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring The Perfect Orgasm Assistant Always Hot 10 out of 10
    12 Oct 2013 Lovehoney BASICS Smoothy Anal ProberLovehoney BASICS Smoothy Anal Prober Brilliant for a Beginner Always Hot 10 out of 10


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    14 Jan 2014 Where do you keep yours?
    I don't have to worry about where I leave mine (I live alone) but I tend to keep them in a drawer in my bedroom (close at hand), my wand tends...
    Sex Toys
    14 Jan 2014 Most beautiful man in the world
    lol I must admit I have thought the same about Alexander Skarsgard (true blood), he is so tall and big, I wonder if he is the same all over!!!...
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    14 Jan 2014 The smell of.......
    I love the smell of sex, when me & oh have had sex in the morning or a quick lunch time one and I can smell the sex on me all day, everytime I...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    14 Jan 2014 He is leaving me!!!
    Hi and welcome, sorry to hear about your break up, as others have said its good to hear you say you know it is for the best.  I broke up with...
    Introduce Yourself
    13 Jan 2014 Most beautiful man in the world
    I agree, when I first started watching him on tv shows few years ago on sky I serously thought about joining manchester university!!!! lol Mind you...
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    13 Jan 2014 sexy bedroom makeup
    I agree, I only wear eye make up lipstick way too messy!! lol 
    Sex Tips & Talk
    13 Jan 2014 Most beautiful man in the world
    Whilst watching Stargazing again from last week it reminded me of the ever so hot Prof Brian Cox!!! god yes!!!! 
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    11 Jan 2014 Most beautiful man in the world
    SophieM - you got lots of my favs in there - Henry Cavill (not just because he did Superman liked him for ages),  Jonathon Rhys Meyers -...
    Off-Topic Chat & Games
    11 Jan 2014 He's Premature!
    I agree with many of the above, I find it a huge turn on and compliment when oh comes fast, it means I am turning him on so much he cant hold on,...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    10 Jan 2014 What is the best toy you've gotten in the past year?
    Without a shadow of doubt it has to be my LH Deluxe Wand with g-spot adaptor that oh bought me for my birthday in November!!! I had never even seen...
    Sex Toys
    10 Jan 2014 Dominatrix Ideas?
    me & oh like to play in the sub/master role (I am the sub always), we like to use the flogger & whip, also he will restrain me often and...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    10 Jan 2014 Favourite Bedroom Attire.
    I love to dress up for oh, recently bought myself few lingeire outfits,  couple of corsets with suspenders and few new sexy bras and knicker...
    Lingerie & Clothing
    10 Jan 2014 Different Orgasms
    I have had an orgasm from oh kissing me all over me and around my nipples, we had an amazing session last week where he blind folded me lay me on...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    22 Dec 2013 Introducing your first toy
    before my current oh I had used a vibrator & eggs, but not much else I was very shy, but once oh introduced me to LH and started to buy us all...
    Sex Toys
    21 Dec 2013 Thank you so much Lovehoney!
    Thats awful Poppicat, breaking up at any time of the year is rubbish but I think Christmas is even worse, so I am sending lots of love n hugs to...
    Inside Lovehoney
    20 Dec 2013 Teasing in public
    my oh teases me all the time in public, we both find it a real turn on, it is our very own naughty secret, lol I very often put my eggs in and he...
    Sex Toys
    19 Dec 2013 Have you ever made Homemade Porn ?
    I have made couple of short video's with oh, the last one we did is pretty awesome, even if I say so myself!! lol I always watch one of ours when I...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    18 Dec 2013 Remote Control Vibes - when and where?
    me & oh talked about getting remote eggs, I use the normal eggs when around oh, so we thought it would be lots of fun if we got vibrating ones...
    Sex Toys
    18 Dec 2013 [guide] Performing cunnilingus (or eating pussy)
    Very detailed guide - brilliant!! I am so lucky my oh is amazing when it comes to oral, to be honest he is amazing at everything he does to me in...
    Sex Tips & Talk
    17 Dec 2013 Why did you choose your username?
    Mine is because on the first night with oh he kept telling me how 'hot' I was in my vagina area (he did mean actual heat !! lol) starting when he had...
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    2 Oct 2013 Fantasy List 6
    19 Oct 2013 Porridge Toys (master/sub) 2
    15 Dec 2013 Sex Toy Testers' 0


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