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  1. So, advice required..

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    Me and the Lovely Mrs City have started to get into some anal play for me.

    Lubrication aside (which have found to be essential, lol not that it ever wasnt going to be) the only other discomfort i have found is her fingernails - they are quite long and i can "feel" them in an unpleasent sense - (my own fingernails are short i.e there is none as i clip them meticulousy; as someone who goes climbing i dont want them getting caught and ripped off) i can feel not the point at the end but the edges, this is distincly different as opposed to mine whereby i dont notice that sensation at all.

    Now my suggestion of cut them off was met with laughter and "youre lucky i was being gentle".... oh what a evil grin she had on her face.

    Is this someting ill get used to over time? Or am i going to be stuck forever with the edgy fingernail feeling?

    On the plus side we have found an excellent male and female toy (which sadly not on sale here) which does the job sans nasty nail feeling.

    Your tips (boom-tish,) piss-taking and general comments are most appreciated.

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