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    Thats terrible! If my dad had found my stuff he would have chucked them in the bin and not speak to me for gawd knows how long.. but yea i agree with everyone else. you are a grown woman not a kid. If he is so interested you should tell him to get on the LH forums and he can talk to us not his daughter? Just a suggestion :) x

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    I can understand, and sort of sympathise. I'm pretty sure my stepdad goes through my stuff, things will be mvoed or movies stolen from me. Though my mom constantly denies it, it's pretty obvious whenever he calls me a slut or whore at 6am at the top of his lungs.

    I also agree with rose hip. Having sex toys isn't a shameful fact. Yes, it's embarrassing to talk about with your dad, I understand. When I stayed with my dad, I was too mortified to ask for tampons or even acknowledge my monthlies with him, despite him joking and being really cool with it. I'd actually call my nan to pick me up some tampons. It's just something I couldn't bring myself to talk to him about. Maybe you could have better luck, and in hindsight making your living situation more comfortable would be better for all parties.

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    I think that the best solution in this case - albeit one which you will probably find even more awkward at first - is to be so brazen about it with him that it makes HIM uncomfortable. Turn the situation around until it becomes something that he doesn't even want to bring up again in future. If he's like a lot of people, then the more uncomfortable he thinks it's making you the more he will bring it up just to embarrass you. Remember to him you're probably still that 'litlte girl' and if there's one thing parents love to do it's embarrass their kids! But you're not that little girl any more, you can give as good as you get now...time to demonstrate that and break this sensation of power almost that he probably thinks he has over you.

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    When parents are carers too, they loose sight of the bigger picture when their little ones grow up, and tend to feel that they have been signed the right to make all decisions and be in control of things.... They don't see that natural break in adult/child relationship as much as ordinary parents.
    Sometimes they need a cold sharp awakening that their charges have minds bodies and urges too, as they develop in sexual Adults.
    When you mix that with the potential of making it an issue to control... It isn't healthy.
    Not seen you on here since your initial post... So I hope all has been OK....

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    Still a subject i'm trying to avoid although he did recently ask, while we were out shopping of all lalces, if i paid for them all, and i did mention some were testers, he asked if they were to keep of they were to send back and do i need to do reviews, i said yes, then said i wasn't discussing anything further, he seemed to accept that for then at least.

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    Well good to hear he appears to be backing off at bit at least.
    We are not to have kids pickled in aspic to keep them kids.... They DO grow into adults, and with it comes adult bodies/ needs and wants.

    Once my boys are on that road truely, it will be hard.... But I have to accept it .... Its life.

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    I think MC is right. Wait until his girlfiend is around and get VERY explicit. I bet he bottles before you do.

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    What kind of relationship would you like with your father for the future? One that's based on respect and gettting along? Or one based on confrontation and embarassing each other.

    It's your choice. What you do now is setting up patterns which will be harder and harder to break the older you get.

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