1. Annoying trend with "waterproof" toys

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    Due to privacy issues surrounding a disablity, the only time i have me time is in the shower, and so the waterproof toy is a must. Unfortunately, every toy i try that is supposed to be waterproof, isn't. I screw bases on as tight as they can possibly get but it seems the seal just are not water tight, casuing rusting problems from the first use. I recently bought a jessica rabbit 2.0 slimline, and somehow water has even managed to get in to the beaded section of the shaft and i have no idea how that is even possible, especially as i even keep the toys out of the water as much as i can. It would seem only one of my toys is actually waterproof and i notice that it has a rubber seal that compresses between the two plastic parts when they screw together, but i was wondering if it is something anyone else has noticed with the waterproof toys, and would this be a viable reason for return?

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    Hi VA, I have a couple of waterproof toys that I use in the bath and have never had an issue with them. I suggest having a chat with LH Customer Services - they are always so friendly and helpful xx

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    I would say if it states waterproof it should be. If you have water getting in, then it sounds faulty. I am sure that lh would sort it out for you on that basis aLone. Have you spoken with them on the phone?

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    I would give LH a call and see what they say, they're really helpful and if something states its waterproof then it certainly should be. Water seepage into your toys isn't good at all and rust is the least of your worries, they'll probably cease to work altogether.
    Hope you get it sorted x

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    do you really have this problem with every single toy? How many did you try? It does sound bit weird if all toys would be having this problem. Is it from one manufacturer? The Jessica rabbit sounds faulty to me, tbh.

    I never used toys in shower, I dont like it at all in shower or bath, but I run the waterproof toys under the tab and I never had any problems.

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    Maybe it would be worth investing in a couple of higher end, waterproof, rechargeable toys? Particularly ones that are a sealed unit with magnetic charging points, something like the We-Vibe Tango? Just a thought :)

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    if a toy is sold as waterproof or submersible it should withstand a session in the bath or shower with my own toys the waterproof ones mostly have a rubber o-ring seal in spite of that i try to keep the battery end as free from the water as possible

    if the bathroom is the only place you can nab any "me" time have you considered using your toys before you use the shower or bath, this is something i do my bath takes 20 or so minutes to fill so i fill in the time with a play session with what ever toys i choose to use if you have a disability and you can't get on the floor i can't take a stool in with you put it somewhere you can use your toy comfortably

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    Hi there!

    Sorry you are having issues with your Jessica Slimeline Rabbit. As said on the product page they are submerisible and should be able to deal all types of water use. The product video even shows Annabelle Knight putting it in a tank of water!

    If you could please contact us (the customer service team) on either live chat, email or by phone we will be able to sort this out for you further.


    Have a good weekend :)

    Paige (Lovehoney Customer Care Australia).

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    Worst thing about anything waterproof is you can't rinse it out. Goddammit.

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    A waterproof toy should be waterproof. If it isnt then its certainly a case for customer services as something is faulty.

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