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  1. Three Bangs to Oblivion - A Challenge to the Extreme!

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    As I'm sure some of you already know, I have accepted a challenge from OA's prevalent poster Tallboy over in the Sex Talk forum ( ) to put my mind, body and anus to the test with the excitingly large 'Three Bangs for your Butt" ( ).

    Although not a complete newbie to the delights of inserting things up my arse, I've never quite considered something of this magnitude before. Stupidly willing to try most things once, I couldn't really refuse the challenge.

    I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of this beast in the morning and have the whole day alone to play. If all goes to plan I hope to post regular feedback here tomorrow, and as the days (and weeks) go on, for your information and titillation.

    It would be great to hear from you all as you pass by this thread on your daily perusal of the OA website. Share your thoughts, questions, comments, or ideas; praise, scorn or tips. Even if you think I'm outright bonkers for even attempting this, join in the discussion anyway!

    Suppose I ought to get an early night in preparation for tomorrow. Trouble is, this thing's already playing on my mind - i'm aroused already - happy dreams for me tonight me thinks! ;-P

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