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    i recent brought my other half a ward i was wonding what would be the best way to use it on her it will be her first time with a ward

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    I take it you mean 'Wand'

    Be Gentle hun...they can be very powerful if you have not used them before...

    Start on a low setting on a non sensual part of her body moving it around and over parts that maybe a little more sensitive... let her tell you how slow / fast she wants it too much too soon can have an oposite effect.

    When you do get to her pussy and clit use some lube if she is not already wet and gently run the head of the wand over lips watching her reactions... this is a good indication that you have it in the right spot... I'm no expert I just know how I like it which is a lot faster and harder than most people can stand it...once turned on I like the wand firmly pushed agaisnt my clit.

    Its also good if your wife is on top and you put the want between you both, if she sits up and presses the want against he clit you can feel the vibrations through your cock ...

    No hard and fast rules just enjoy...

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    I'm like suzy i like it firm and full power against my clit.

    I'd let her use it herself the first few times. My husband really likes it when i use it on myself while giving him a BJ as my rythem changes the closer i get to coming and he gets harder in response it's a very sexy experience for both.

    Another fun suggestion is the blindfold her (you can tie her up aswell if she's into that, I'm not) then tease her boby with it before going anywhere near her bits.

    It works very well in the doggy position aswell.

    Just play around with it and let her decide what feels right.

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    thank you both i will use thier tricks well

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