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    can any one give me any suggesstions on what vibrators to go for being as i am more or less a beginner in this part.

    I had had one few years back but eyes werent looking correctly and things didnt go as planned! Kinda thought i knew what i was ordering and doing. After that occassion i havent ordered any thing since then...... Till i signed up to LH

    Any suggestions would be great,

    Thank you

    Gemini xx

    blonde vixen13 [sign in to see picture]
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    Are you looking for a bullet type vibrator for clitoral play , or something more suitable for insertion like a rabbit or g spot vibrator? X

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    Blonde vixen asks a great question, because of the vast range of toys it's hard to make recommendations without having it narrowed down a little. Are you looking for external, internal or both like a rabbit?

    A lot of people will first recommend a bullet if you have never tried anything at all before. But I think reading your message you are looking for more an internal toy?

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    Hi Gemini,

    I have had a quick look and this previous thread has some good suggestions. Hope this is useful :) xx


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    Hi thanks for replying.

    Yeah I have used bullets before but didn't think much of them.
    I have been looking at the rabbits. Reading all and going back making me eyes go crazy just wanted to see people views.


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    Thank you I will have a look.


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    I would definitely go for a bullet for clitoral stimulation BUT I would also go for something smaller to start like this: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=16478
    mini rabbit, even better its in the 2 for £12 so could get yourself a bullet to try again too! Happy days!

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    Hi whilst I am a man and cant tell you how it feels I can tell you my experiance with toys on my wife. I bought a rabbit and it is very good for incertion and clitoral pleasure hence the rabbit ears! If you buy a good quality rabbit then it will come with multiple vibration setting and different rotation settings for the shaft. This gives you to option to customising it for your preferance without being too limited. Also your preferance may change from arousal to arousal and so this gives you the versatility that you want from a sex toy. Buy, explore, enjoy!!

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