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  1. my review of the head honcho!

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    hey guys

    well ive finaly written my review for the honcho and submitted it today, and id like to share it with you guys and maybe it can help with the many people looking for info on male toys on the forum. ive posted it on here as i think some of it might be edited out for being a little bit naughty but im also posting it just cos i feel like written a good review aswell.

    hope its ok to post my review here



    The life's and deaths of a honcho

    The first thing I have to tell you is, that I'm a female so of course I have not used this product myself, however, the reason I'm writing this review is because I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. I have a few things to add about buying the honcho and things to say about it while his had it, that I think some people who are buying it for someone else or even if your buying it for yourself might find helpful and of course I also have what he says about it to tell you.

    I have a boyfriend who has only recently started feeling OK about using sex toys together and those sex toys just being for me and used on me or a cock ring as our only couples toy's. But I wanted him to have a toy of his own and understand that its OK for him to have a toy and that its OK to like using them. (plus I have a fantasy about him, a masturbater and me).

    So after a lot of thought I decided to buy him a toy of his own and so had a look around, after much research and help from the LoveHoney forums and staff I decided to buy him the head honcho as it was in my price range and most importantly it is transparent and re usable and also came highly recommended.

    So just a day or so after placing my order the head honcho arrives in my order with my other item's in the normal plan brown box with no signs of what is really inside or where it came from (you got to love, LoveHoney's discreet LH trading on the return label if the item cant be delivered). Once out of the plan brown box, I wasn't to surprised to see rather tacky packaging containing the head honcho.

    Now for my boyfriends surprise gift, he was quite shocked that I bought it but luckily willing to try his toy out. So we got it out of its box and found a thick, longish, only open on on end, tube. which is wider and bigger on one side and has an opening shaped like a vagina. Inside the tube was all ridges and bumps and lumps all over the sides and with bumps on the bottom of the honcho where the head of the cock will touch. The honcho felt like really sticky jelly and had a slight smell to it.

    So we gave it a go together, he sat back and enjoyed while I moved the honcho up and down his hard shaft, he was making some noises that I took for enjoyment and I got to watch his cock being pleasured by the honcho and all its bumps and lumps and soon got to see up close fierce spurts of his cum hitting the end of the honcho as he orgasmed hard, All of which turned me on hugely! And in doing so making this toy not only a toy for him but a toy we can enjoy as a couple.

    When asking my boyfriend how the honcho felt he said had it been warm it would have felt like a real pussy. I asked him if he liked the honcho and would he use it again and on his own? And he said he would and I know he has been using it, which I am happy about. Since him having the honcho he has said he would like to try other masturbates and doesn't feel so weird about them any more.

    So far the honcho had worked out to be brilliant, but only after being used 3 or 4 times we came to find 2 huge holes on either side of the honcho, which we didn't know why had happened. We did everything that I found out how to care for the honcho, wash it in warm water with the LoveHoney sex toy cleaner, use only water based lubes and stored it in a cool dark place.

    I did some research again and found a few other people had, had the same problem so I contacted LoveHoney as the honcho seemed to be faulty and they sent me a replacement the next day. The replacement honcho has been fine, no problems with it at all. So I think there may just have been a faulty batch before and we was unlikely to have been a buyer from that. But LoveHoney have excellent customer care and any problems they are ready to help you out and in cases of a faulty item, replace or return your money.

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