• Any chance to get Swan replacement charger in charger section?

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    I got a question. I just checked the Essentials - Chargers and Adaptors section to see if there is chance to get charger for Swan toys. I just took charger for my Swan rabbit out of the box where I put it after using it last time and found bit of plastic got loose on it and chipped away. Luckily its small piece in the spot where you put the various adaptor "heads" in depending on where you are (continental Europe, UK etc). It does not effect functionality atm, but I am bit worried more will come off and it will not be able to hold the head in.

    The thing is I had the toy for 3 months, only charged it about 4 or 5 times, never changed the head since the first time I put it in, because I never travelled with the charger. I just charged it and put it in the box afterwards until next charge was due. I never hit the charger, it never dropped from high, etc which could cause the damage to it. So I am bit worried about the charger now chipping, even if it is small atm.

    I could not find a replacement Swan charger in the essentials section. Is there any chance to buy one? I definitely would not ask for replacing the whole toy, because the rabbit itself is fine.

    Maybe I should ask Swan directly about what I should do. Any clues what I could overlook and what could cause this?

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    Hey Laveila

    Sorry to hear about your charger beginning to break - it's never worth the risk when it comes to electrical equipment so it's good you've begun looking for a replacement.

    Although we don't sell the Swan charger separately, that's not to say we couldn't one from the supplier to send to you as a replacement. If we're unable to replace just the charger, then we would happily replace the entire toy (even though it's not faulty) as you've had it less than a year.

    Some suppliers ask that all returned toys of their brand get sent back to them, no matter how small the fault.

    I would recommend you send customer care an email to explain the situation. If they can send you just a charger they will, but either way I'm sure they'll be able to resolve the issue for you, even if it means we contact Swan directly on your behalf :)

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    Hi Jess,

    thank you for your reply. I will get in touch with the customer care. I am just worried as it is chipping in the place where you insert the various adaptors. But since I never changed those yet, still using continental Europe one, I cannot see how I would cause it. Especially as I did not drop it from high, or slam it against the wall, which I could imagine causing damage to it.

    If I had another Swan toy, I would likely be ok, as it would most likely use the same charger, but atm I have just one.

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