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  1. Glass Dildos, any good? I'm intrigued


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    This is very interesting. Not something we have ever considered. Wifey doesn't like the idea of something hard and cold. Have to say the do look amazing.

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    My wife and I have an extensive collection of toys and we have three glass dildos within it. They are excellent. They are great for vaginal play and succeed not only in orgasms but squirting as well. We both use them anally and for me I can say that they are amazing. They really hit your prostate and milk you. My wife gets rather excited and loves to do me with them.

    I would definitely get one or two if I was you.

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    I have 4 glass dildos and one glass prostate butt plug.

    They are currently my favourite toys. They are incredibly versastile (heat them up or put them in the freezer for tantalising temperature play), they are incredibly easy to clean (dishwasher, anyone?), totally body safe, so no synthetic chemical nasties and are compatible with pretty much any and every lube.

    I urge everyone to give glass a try, you'll be pleasanlty surprised.

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    I love my glass dildo's, they're different from anything else. The textures, the feel, the fact that they can be used hot or cold. They're incredibly versatile!

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    I LOVE glass its my favourite type of toy amazing sensations they create as they are all different shapes size and width

    JuicyJ89 [sign in to see picture]
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    Bought my first glass on last night as a birthday present to myself, can't wait to get it!

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    Absolutely love mine. I love the cold feeling.

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    I'm intrigued too, so was really pleased to see today's deal of the day, I've ordered it and I'm really looking forward to it arriving on Wednesday. I'm skint but my boyfriend broke up with me at Easter so I think I'm allowed to buy myself a treat!

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    I was asking my OH about glass dildo's the other week, and she said she had never heard of them never mind used one. Well i saw today's Deal of the day read the reviews and also found this thread and decided to order her one as a surprise.

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    Tinykisses, you most certainly deserve a treat. I too have ordered the DOD dildo, glass is my ultimate favourite toy!

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    if all my spare pennies weren't being put towards saving for something i really want i'd have snapped up today's bargain DOTD wanted to try glass for a long time but i'll just have to wait longer

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    Just received the 2 glass dildos this morning, gotta wait to use them though :( They look so lovely, glad I took the plunge :)

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    I love mine its a Gspot one and it hits the spot every time!!! plus temperature play with it is always fun too!

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    I find glass to be totally totally AMAZING. Great for really waking your Gspot up and i can sometimes have G spot orgasms (Can't comment about anal as i don't like it and my partner,well it's a big no no for him. Works a lot better for me cold...The colder the better. I like to use a clioral vibrator for total satisfaction. Also great used as a warm up to intercourse.

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