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    Hi guys.
    Just wondering which male masturbator you'd recommend? I've used a tenga egg and tenga onacup in the past. But what I really wanna know is before I go splashing my cash, what's the best one?

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    Cant go wrong with any fleshlight but my favorite has been this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=14722

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    It's like this 2 for £20 offer was made for you!

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    have heard some great things about this one:


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    Totally depends what you are after.

    If you are on a budget, then I can recommend:


    Or if you feeling a bit flash and what something a bit fancier, then I recommend:


    Or if you're looking for ultimate luxury and pleasure then either:




    I own all four of these, and they are all amazing in their own little ways.


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    Thanks everyone for your responses.
    I'm not too keen on the ur3 materials, still none the wiser on what to go for as I'm also a skin flint.

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    I'd take a look at the 2 for £20 offer then that Alice has posted a link to. Check out the reviews and take your pick. At that price you can't go wrong.

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    I've had two different Tenga 3Ds, both have been great, but not cheap though!

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