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  1. UR3 really doesn't like warmth :(

    Woodworker [sign in to see picture]
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    We didn't feel like tidying up right away and left a UR3 dildo in a bag resting against a plug. Come the morning the warmth (not hot at all!) of the plug had melted a large chunk of it, ruining it and the bag.

    Just a warning to you all, once that orgasmic glow has subsided and just before you fall asleep stow your UR3 toys safely away.

    Good job it was one that's now in the sale, so a replacement is less costly than it could be.

    PinkPolkaDot [sign in to see picture]
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    That actually has nothing to do with temperature. I'm guessing you mean the Doc Johnson UR3 toys, which aren't made out of a safe material and your plug possibly isn't either. Porous materials like that have a tendency of reacting with anything and everything - it probably smells or used to smell when you first got it right? They are unsafe and can have a negative impact on your health in general.

    Silicone, plastic, glass, and metals are the safest materials used for sex toys. Anything 'realistic feel', jelly, PVC or rubber is a no no - I've never used anything like that because of how dangerous they can be.

    However if you insist on using such toys, make sure you thoroughly wash them before and after each use - preferably use a condom, but I think there might be a possibility of them reacting with that too. And make sure you store them safely, so that they don't touch anything.

    Woodworker [sign in to see picture]
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    It was in the same LH bag it's always kept in, not touching the plug directly. And the damage was definatly pluglike in shape, so the only variable I can see is temperature.

    I'll look into the relitive dodgyness of the material though, thanks.

    DavidB1986 [sign in to see picture]
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    I have several UR3 / skin safe rubber toys and have never had any problems with them, but I do store them in their own boxes though. I learned the hard way when my first dildo started to discolour and stopped being so soft and flexible!

    But if UR3 and Rubber are really so bad for you, why do they keep making/stocking them?

    Alastor [sign in to see picture]
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    This is most likely an interaction between the 2 plastics, caused by the substances emitted by them. It happens a lot with plastic fishing lures where some 'corrode' others and some are especially susceptible to being melted. But I suppose heat 'might' be another possibility.

    Woodworker [sign in to see picture]
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    I can see it being a combo of being close to something else it doesn't like, then the degridation being accelerated by the warmth.

    I've got a ruined toy already, I could go experiment with it and gather empirical evidence... a typical Friday night for me TBH.

    myghost [sign in to see picture]
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    With UR3 or any flesh feel toys you need to wash them after use pat them off with a clean towel leave them to air dry and dust them with corn flour or renewer to make them like new or they will go tacky and always store then in the packaging they came in . I made the mistake of storing my nature skin mini vibe in my travel lunch boxxx hadn't touched it for months/nearing a year when I got it out to compare with my blush dildo it had completely dried up and became imprinted with the texture of the case not even a good wash and dusting of renewer could save so it's unusable now

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