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  1. Butterfly Toys??

    GothicXIII [sign in to see picture]
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    Good morning my LH friends ^__^

    During my search for a wireless remote control toy for the Mrs and I to use whilst shopping, cinema etc etc I've stumbled across these strange looking contraptions, they seem to come in a verity of shapes//styles, some offer an insertable part and others just clit stimulation. From the reviews I've read most people seem to prefer these over the standard Vibrating Knickers because they offer more comfort and fit closer//better so give a much more pleasurable experience.

    I've noticed LH don't seem to offer any wireless remote control ones but I have been able to find a range of them on another website, but before I go any further I thought I would seek advice from my well educated friends here.

    So what's the verdict or pros//cons of these toys guys, are they a worth while investment and is it true these tend to be better then the vibrating knickers??

    Thanks in advance ^__^

    JessyBunny89 [sign in to see picture]
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    Good Morning!

    I have purchased a butterfly toy from LH previously. It is not wireless, and I would certainly search around for a wireless one as the wires are never long enough.

    I found that it just moved around a lot, especially during sex, when I was having to hold it on my clit just for it to not ride up around my stomach. I imagine the ones that have an insertable part would be easier to keep in the right place.

    They are stronger than vibrating knickers and I could orgasm if it remained in the right place, but having to hold it there is just a bit of a pain.

    Good luck with your purchasing

    Mr-Mrs-Sexy [sign in to see picture]
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    Im also tempted by these, i would imagine that as jessy said they would move about too much unless of course you worse underwear/trousers etc over the top then they would be firmly in place?

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