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  1. Fleshlight tips

    sexytime [sign in to see picture]
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    So, yesterday I ordered my first ever fleshlight, the STU pink lady. It arrived this morning (super fast delivery as usual LH).

    I have just used it and I cannot understand why I didn't buy this years ago!! It is so unbelievably good and had me cumming pretty quickly!

    Anyway, I was wondering in any guys out there who had one had any hints or tips they like to share, rather than the standard put it on and move it up and down technique lol. I'm keen to put it to good use this weekend so all ideas welcome.

    PS, after just one use, I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!! Wow it's good!

    DavidB1986 [sign in to see picture]
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    Use some elastic bands round the sleeve. Makes it even tighter.

    Warm it up in some warm water before use - brings it closer to body temperature.

    Experiment with the base cap, alternating between the suction and the non-suction.

    Place the unit inbetween the mattress and the bed for hands free play (or between sofa cushions, or pillows on the bed.. whatever, you get the idea) - just make sure you have a towel ready for clean up!

    Fluffbags [sign in to see picture]
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    Ok, I admit I am female...but I can give you some tips:

    1) Take it out of the main case and use it as a floppy sleeve. This allows you the opportunity to squeeze it in certain places and have a different experience.

    2) Try different lubricants. The viscosity of the lubricant changes the feelings slightly. Try a really thick, gel like lubricant and a really runny one (On different occasions of course)

    3) Try placing the inner sleeve in warm/hot water just before use. It feels more warm and inviting and slightly more "real" sensation. (Sex toys, in my great experience so far, have never felt truly real)

    4) Get this: its a shower mount (I don't have one, but imagine it can be stuck to other flat hard surfaces too) and you can go hands free and mix up the positions and it allows you to free up your hands, which I guess will feel more like really fucking it, rather than using your hands to masturbate with the sleeve.

    5) Fancy a more "virtual" experience? Try this:

    6) Try sticking the Fleshlight (With hard casing attached) under pillows, mattresses and other places, to allow you to penetrate it while in different positions. Kind of like using the shower mount, but more of a home made idea

    Well, I hope that gives you some new ideas!

    ShannonMarlene [sign in to see picture]
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    100% agree with Fluffbags (as always!)
    My OH said he likes exactly the same things

    sexytime [sign in to see picture]
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    Well, I used it again and I put in warm water first, and also put the bottle of lube in the water too so it wasn't cold (top tip). Textually wise it obviously made no difference, but then again it wasn't meant to. The real difference was the overall 'feel' of it. It felt much more like sliding into the real thing.....warm and wet.

    I'll also have to try cooling it slightly to see how that feels.

    Fluff.....that shower suction thing looks good, but out of stock :(

    flaneur [sign in to see picture]
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    Most of the good ideas for them have already been mentioned here. Try and work out a good amount of lube to use, too little dries out, too much and you won't feel the STU.

    Get some corn flour to take care of the stickiness which is inevitable. If you like a 45 degree angle, putting the fleshlight in a shoe works. My personal favourite is to wedge it between the backrest and and the cushion on a reclining chair.

    If you go for the shower mount, please don't use it on a glass shower screen, I wouldn't recommend using on glass at all, tiles should be good though.

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