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  1. how do we keep the balance

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    ok guys im needing a little advise i have been with my new man / Master / daddy for around three months ....we had a excellent ballance and i looked up to him and respected him more than anything in the world ...allthough lately circumstance seems to have gotten in our way big time our d/s realtionship has been blown out of the water by vanillia ie us having 6 kids between us and a few who are going through school issues ect ..isnt helping what so ever ...

    the last time we had a play / sex session we switched as we are both switches allthougfh i lean greatly towards my sub side and him his dom . we havent had the oppertunitty to be close since andlife has taken over since then and im not sure how to get back what we had . the thing is my switchy side works more as a pleasing my partner side and i feel like ive been left in domme mode witch always makes me tired and depressed anyways ..i can do it for short spells and enjoy it but i always feel bad afterwards not sure how to get back to the place i was at

    why is somthing that was so natrual suddenly difficult it down to switch play or just down to life takening over ...i sooo love my Master and want to be his forever has anyone experianced this and how did you get over it

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