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  1. Products catering for PVC and PVC Inflatable Fetishists

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    I am a little disappointed that the inflatable Cupid's Love Pod (basically a Giga ball for grown-ups) has been discontinued:


    Is there anything similar on the market that's made from that shiny/glossy, smooth & soft PVC material?

    I've always thought about having some PVC inflatables custom-made, but it would probably be prohibitively expensive. For example, those PVC inflatable 'Bubble Beds' (see the picture below) could be adapted to appeal to PVC fetish enthusiasts. I was thinking of one of these 'Bubble Beds' made from a shiny/glossy glass clear (see-through) soft (high plasticiser content) PVC material in an erotic colour, such as red. Perhaps with fitted restraints for light bondage play and additional bed sheets made from glass clear (see-through) red PVC. Great fun with oils and lubes! PVC inflatable and raincoat fetishism might seem a bit strange to some, but I'm not the only one who has a fetish for soft, shiny and see-through PVC raincoats and infatables made from the same sort of material. Have a look at the 'Plastic Lovers' site (www.plasticlovers.co.uk) and PVC-U-Like. I find the glossy/shiny and see-through type of PVC to be very sensual; it feels great against the skin. Its shiny/glossy appearance is visually appealing. Furthermore, I enjoy the smell of PVC rainwear and inflatables, as well as the noise they make when they're handled or worn.

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    PS: here's an illustration of one of those clear PVC 'Bubble Beds' I was referring to: http://portuguese.alibaba.com/product-gs/inflatable-bed-pvc-bed-inflatable-furniture-275519327.html

    My PVC fetish extends to those water walking balls made from glossy clear PVC: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/9z9_xjvbuTbpyTg88Da_Qg

    You can have great fun with oil and lubes inside those PVC water walking balls!

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    Oh my, that love pod looks AMAZING!!!! I wants!

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    it does look fun!

    probably took up too much warehouse space and wasn't selling quick enough


    they do sell the latex bedding i know

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