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  1. Pelvic Floor

    ShannonMarlene [sign in to see picture]
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    Lots of foreplay and lube. Plus, it hurts to begin with until I get more stretched.
    It's not that I CANT get them in, it's that it's very difficult and uncomfortable.
    Plus, I've been with my man for five and a half years, I'm kind of 'used' to him.


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    Hi SM. If you have the time and patience something my Wifey likes to do for pc muscles is milk my penis it is wonderful to do. All so known as the Shanghai grip. It is with practice a way of massaging the penis to ejaculation with out any thrusting. Your partner is all so able to do his at the same time. We also do this whilst having foreplay. A lot of men find fingering a woman a real turn on and to have her grip your finger or fingers even more so. I guess what I am saying is that you don't have to do this on your own it can be a real turn on to do it with your OH.

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    not sure wrote:

    thank you for the advise rose hip and I only rrsived them the other day and I left them in for a couple of hours and didnt feel any discomfort from them infact I didnt feel anything at all but then im not sure what I am suposef to feel .I only tried them bcuz my fiancé suggested that they might help with me getting better and stronger orgasms .

    The discomfort will just be the muscles getting a bit tired, like after any other work out. You won't necessarily feel anything until then though.

    Try wearing them for three to four hours next time. If you can wear them comfortably for six hours or more, you might want to look into getting a different set.

    Strengthening the kegel muscles not only increases the intensity of orgasm, it can help prevent serious health problems down the road. Really important exercises for all of us. Good on your fiance for suggesting you get some.

    not sure [sign in to see picture]
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    ok I will see how I get on I will leave them in for most of the day tomorrow and see how they feel I really hope they start to work I can have orgasm but it just takes a while to reach one then they are very quick and never more than one .

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