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    Fluffbags wrote:

    Sum Sub wrote:

    Anyone know what the difference between regular and hard boiled tenga eggs is?

    I have not tried any of the Hard Boiled ones, but from my understanding, the hard boiled sleeves are thicker. Made from more material to make them feel thicker. I guess this makes them more durable (but again, I don't know) from what I can tell though, the hard boiled ones are supposed to feel a bit more intense, as the thinner material on the normal eggs could stretch and flatten out the texture and feel quite subtle, the hard boiled ones, with thicker material, should technically feel more intense (or you should be able to feel the texture more noticeably)

    Pretty much hit the nail on the head. The plus side to the slightly thicker material is that they will definitely last a little bit longer than the regular eggs. The hard-boiled eggs I have are still going strong. They inevitably will fail, it's just how you use them - if you really like a good vigorous session, they will tear. I prefer to use the eggs to just tease and massage the glans, rather than full on masturbate with them - but it's personal preference.

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    I am finding the regular ones a little wishy washy TBH and am a little disappointed with them, so i might try a hard boiled one before I completely dismiss them

    Thanks David :)

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    I've got 4, 5, 6, 9 of the lingerie - I would love the hooded santa dress, but i promised no more purchases til the new year :(

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