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    I bought this last week using the brilliant offer its on atm, but due to circumstances [half term!] i only got round to opening last night. I put it on charge as per the instructions and the orange light came on. Around 2 hours later i went to use it and the orange charge light was off so i assume this meant it was charged.

    I turned it on and all was fine until it got to the 4th function then the light on the base flashed in fast sucession with a very mild vibration, it did this on each press of the button until it turned off, and again when i turned it back on instead of working as expected on first use :/

    I shook it gently and could definitley hear it rattling lightly like something was loose. But im unsure as to whether is this a charging issue or if its broke? I put it back on charge but within a few minutes the orange light turned off again.

    I just want to check that this isnt a fault on my part before arranging an exchange!

    Thanks in advance :D

    MissTig [sign in to see picture]
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    Mine doesn't rattle at all but I do find the charger difficult to use. Try using it on a flat surface and not touching it al all. If in doubt though, I'd contact customer service. :)

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    I had problems charging mine the first few times. I've just gone and given mine a gentle shake and i can hear a very faint little rattle but I have to hold right next to my ear.

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    I have gone and moved it too the floor from the bedside cabinet, so there is no pull on the wire at all. Fingers crossed it works, i dont want to wait for an exchange lol

    Thanks x

    MissChar [sign in to see picture]
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    Mine doesn't rattle... but the charger is annoying. Hope it works! Xx

    Holz105 [sign in to see picture]
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    Mine came fully charged. It also doesn't rattle.
    I'd talk to customer services

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