1. where to keep our toys, so kids cant get to them?

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    Good morning one and all. :)

    Me and the gf had sone sexy tine last night, first we went through our toys and decided that, with 3 kids in the house, keeping them in a shoe box under the bed isnt going to work much longer. :) we have a 6 month old girl who will soon become a toddler and will be coming in and out of our room and would rather she not find certain things........ "mummy, whats this 8inch long vibrating thing attached to this black and decker drill?"

    So the gf said, "we need something we can lock thats big enough to fit them all in amd whatever else we get"

    "How about a snap on tool box, with all the differrent levels?" I said,

    "You cant keep a big tool box in the bedroom, it would look odd"

    So you loverly parental type sexy persons, do you keep your toys under lock and key? And if so, what do you keep them in?

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    Most suitcases have locks and nobody would question you having a suitcase under the bed, on top of wardrobe etc

    Ours are in a basket hamper type thing, but as the little one grows up we'll need something lockable soon. She's be scarred for life if she saw our whole collection


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    I keep mine in those big makeup cases with the Locks on you can get =)

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    How big is your collection going to get?

    A lockable ottoman?

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    Can you put your box on too of a cupboard or inside a cupboard so it's out of reach. We have started our fourth drawer of toys so we don't have anything that's big enough and lockable

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    ours are in a briefcase locked up, anything bigger goes in the cupboard in our bedroom, i know people that use toolboxes and just leave then in there cupboard

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    We use a drawer and lay a toewl over them so they cant be seen if the drawer is opened, though all my kids are all old enough to understand mummys bedroom is a no go zone unless invited in

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    Check the archives, there are several long threads on the subject - with the experience of YEARS of forum members to draw on. Lots of short ones too, some with good info as well.

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    We have a pretty big locked up box that we made ourselves, under the bed so looks like an ottoman. We upgraded from a smallish wooden box we got from B&Q which we screwed a lock on to. If you have a screwdriver it's a really simple solution, which slips under the bed - just turn the lock round to face the wall so it looks like a linen box or something :)

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    Loads of useful ideas here, many thanks :)

    Right now theyre all in a box about the size of large microwave, im thinking the suitcase idea would be a simple solution though because we have one in the loft i think.

    Many thanks all.

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