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    I've been practising recently with my Tracey Cox anal starter kit which I've really enjoyed and am ready to move on. So, I had a go with my new (anal) toys last night which my lovely wife bought as a birthday pressie for me. They came in the post and as she is away, she encouraged me to have a go before she gets back. No probs with the Pearl Shine anal vibe. Lots of lube and it slipped in a treat. No great sensations as yet, but nice. Then I had a go with the 'Naughty Boy'. I found this a very different experience and had trouble fully inserting. The surface is not smooth and even remotely slippery when dry - so I of course used lots of lube again, but ended up wrestling with the sex toy equivalent of a live eel! I Still tried and tried and couldn't get it more than about 2/3rds of the way in where it becomes slightly bulbuous. I don't think it is a matter of size as at this point, it is no thicker than the Pearl Shine is successfully inserted earlier. Any of you guys had a similar experience and does anyone have any tips for better success?


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