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  1. Monogamy Game Tips

    Kasey [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi Everyone,

    I've bought the game, and I'm planning to have a special date night with the boyfriend.

    Any tips for playing the game (equipment?) or the dinner beforehand (menu ideas)?

    Thanks y'all :)

    - Cazz [sign in to see picture]
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    StHubbins [sign in to see picture]
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    If you've got time, I would go through the cards first and get together any props that you need. There's a fair amount of eating in the game, so keep a pre-game meal pretty light.

    MrsMcX [sign in to see picture]
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    Have dinner early! We played it and it took us two hours! It can take you less amount of time by shorting the game, but it was a fun two hours! You won't use all the cards that are there because there's loads of them! So going through all the cards and getting everything ready might be a bit too much. Have a light dinner, and maybe play the game as a sort of desert? In the game there's a square you can land on where you eat food, so mayve a selection of desert like nibbles would be a good idea. You don't want to be too full up after dinner anyway if you're going to be getting physical! Haha! The only prop we needed was ice, but the chances of you also getting this card may be slim. Afterall, any props that you don't happen to have to hand, you could just skip that card and choose the next one. We skipped a couple of them, but thats the joy of the game, you can really make it your own.

    Good luck :)

    Kasey [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks all :)

    I hadn't really thought about the fact that we would be getting up to sexy time after dinner. A big stew like i had planned is probably not the best choice.

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