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  1. Batteries

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    StHubbins do you have any links for the best rechargables ? I have plenty of other things I want to buy but this might have to jump up the list

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    I get the highest capacity that Maplin sell (there's a shop nearby so I actually go into a real shop). I can't find the one's I get on their website, but they're Maplin own-brand and the AA have 2500mAh of capacity.

    If I'm feeling rich or something will be used infrequently then they do hybrid ones which are at least twice the price, but come charged and keep their charge like an alkaline battery. These look like this:


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    Best batteries in a test were procell, made by duracell, I get ours from Amazon in bulk, makes them very cheap. X

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    They look good, I've started geting my batteries from amazon anyway coz they come in bulk and very cheap but I might start getting them procell batteries xx

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