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    Just bought my first vaginal speculum for hubby to play with!

    I have no idea what we are doing, does anyone have any tips or do's/don'ts?

    Anything we need to be careful of?

    Many Thanks x

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    Go slow would be my first bit of advice. If its a metal one then warm it by placing it next to the body otherwise it will be a bit shocking at first (unless you like that lol). Use a bit of lube to aid the stretch and slide. Oh and get your OH to practicefirst as they can be a bit confusing in the heat of the moment, I tend to forget which way to turn the locking screw etc.

    Hope this helps.

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    I agree with the above post. Go slowly.

    I'm personally not a fun of speculum play but I can shed some light on what makes a good examination! So hopefully this will help :)

    · Make sure the speculum is clean, so use a good sex toy cleaner and store it away carefully when not in use

    · Warm the speculum under a hot tap so it's not horribly cold, but make sure it’s not boiling hot! It can cause cramping sensations!

    · Use lube. Lots of it, and then some more.

    · Slowly insert it (closed) and allow the vagina to adjust. You can then insert it deeper when her vagina has accommodated it. Go with whatever she feels comfortable with. Some women are ‘shorter’ internally so pushing it in deeper would bump her cervix which can be painful and cause period like cramps.

    · Only open to the amount of 'clicks' she is comfortable with (and definitely practise opening and closing it before insertion, especially if it's stiff because it’s new). You will be able to hear the number of clicks as you squeeze the handles together

    · When you remove the speculum leave it open – this may be uncomfortable to remove but it avoids any pinching of internal tissue which can cause bruising.

    Hope this helps! Xx

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