1. 5 extra inches extender

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    Hi all,

    not sure if I am right to post this in here so please move if this is the wrong forum.

    My man bought me this extender as a suprise but we just cant get it to fit on him? anyone got any tips? he finds it impossible to get his balls through the hole and he aint the biggest by any means.



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    I think the consensus was that a lot of peoples foreskin doesnt retract much, I cant use sleeves for that reason.

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    Hi , I use a sleeve extension and the OH loves it, from reading the reviews stretching the ring in hot water to stretch it, surely not a passion killer! and you slip one ball through at a time, from other threads people have cut the ring but I don't know the effect this would have on the toy.

    Think it just needs lots of practise, have fun experimenting

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    I got the 3" and it's all about lube and air getting the sleeve on and then the big issue.... The balls well trust me, there isn't a chance to get them in as is, so what can you do? Cut it off??? Sorry I didn't but a toy to start cutting it and damaging it so here's how you can fix it.... Well I did.

    Boil a kettle, and pour the water into a mug and then dip the ring into the water and hold it there for a few minutes, then take it out and stretch it out and over something like a mug, but not too big as it'll rip (I used an upturned glass but you to be careful you done break it) then hold it in place and run it under a cold tap, and repeat but increasing the stretch a little each time, soon it will have stretched enough that he should be able to pop the lads in. You may find you've to repeat this a few times until it remains big enough and remember to stretch it slowly and not to rush or it'll tear.

    Funny I think I've apply the same for using it on my OH, although not sure she'd appreciate the boiling water.

    Anyway I hope this makes sense and helps you out, let me know.

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    Sorry about spelling and missing or wrong words.... Was rushing and dam autocorrect.

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    I've come up with a great idea with the 3" extender or 5"..... I bought the OH ahttp://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22814 6" suction cup dildo... now if you put a little lube on the tip of the dildo you can slide it into the extender and there you have is... a 7-8inch suction cup dildo.... 3 toys for the price of 2

    Also when using the above you will have no pain or problems slipping the strap over the balls.... bet those who cut them off wish they hadn't now.

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