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  1. Remote controlled toy (sorry, it's probably been asked before)

    L989 [sign in to see picture]
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    I'm sure this is a ocmmon question, but all the stuff i find online is US based and out of date somewhat. So i thought i'd just ask the question directly.

    I'm looking at getting a remote controlled toy for the better half, i guess my pre-requisites are that it's not noisy (quiter the better really) and it's not too big (if its external, we don't want it buldging out her underwear, if its internal, then she needs to find it comfortable and be able to move around without noticing it too much... and she is a little "tight" for want of a better word).

    My first thought was vibrating underwear, but there seems to be a lot of negativity round these, mostly that they either don't sit on the clit for most women, and they make a lot of noise and you don't really get anything out of them.

    So my last two options i can think of are either the traditional egg style (she says she would prefer a clit stim, but she has never tried toy's before so i guess she will give anythign a go), or the butterfly style things that clip/strap on and can be positioned.

    We're not looking at spending too much on this, it's just a bit of fun for when we are at boring events which we have to frequent often in our line of work... and for restaurants of course!

    Noise and cost are definately my top two issues on picking a toy. But does anyone have any recommendations on what toy's to look at with a view to purchasing. I'm undecided whether to go for a butterfly style for the clit stim, or go with the egg which i imagine can be stronger vibes with less noise due to its internal nature (not being a woman, i can't say i know enough to have a preference of my own).

    Any help is appreciated on this, and apologies if i have droned on a bit :P. Product links will definately help (i'm terrible when im given too much choice lol)

    Badger73 [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    Sorry the site wont let me paste a link.

    I think the cheapest one is the:

    Mantric Miyakodori Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

    We are looking at buying these:

    Midnight Velvet Remote Control Vibrator Egg

    10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Cock Ring

    Mr & Mrs Badger

    L989 [sign in to see picture]
    • Rank: Officer Cadet
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    • Joined: 21 May 2013

    I found someone else recommend the midnight velvet, which is what i will probably go for along with the aloe vera durex lube. My main concern with the midnight was the size being 1.5 inches thick. I know it's not huge, but i wanted something that would be totally comfortable so she could walk around without noticing it too much.

    However i also found out if you go too small, then she would have to clench to keep it inside or her underwear would have to be holding it in whilst she moves around (im no expert, but assumingly that would be more uncomfortable having her lips permanently spread open).

    So yeah, i figure i'll just get the midnight velvet and see how we get on, if its too big at the moment for her, it will just have to be kept as a bedroom toy, but hopefully i'm just being over-cautious (would probably be easier to ask her, but i want it to be a surprise as we have spoken about getting something before, but never really got close to actually looking at stuff).

    Just to notwe, i also looked at the mantric miyakodori, but as a remote controlled device, i think it's not as well thought through. According to the video, you have to turn it off at the power pack rather than the remote, or maybe if you kept pressing the remote button it would cycle forward until the end of all the functions, then stop/turn off. Both situations aren't really what i personally was looking for, as i wouldn't know easily when its off (if i could indeed cycle to the off position with the remote), or worse, she'd have to keep to turning it off herself.

    Thanks for your reply, just seeing you mention the midnight velvet has helped me make up my mind! Hopefully she likes it :)

    Badger73 [sign in to see picture]
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    • Joined: 10 Oct 2012

    Lovehoney has a great returns policy, so if she finds it too big you can always return it. smiley

    Lovehoney - Alice [sign in to see picture]
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    Woah! You're in luck... there's a selection of remote vibes in our £20 Bank Holiday Blowout (at the moment, stock is liable to change).

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