1. Lubrication help

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    Hi everyone. I have looked through the forusm but oculdn;t find the answer I need, so thought i'd start a new thread quickly. Appologies if this has bene asked before, I just need a quick aswer.

    I usually buy Maximus Anal lube, as its silicone free, and i like anal. BUT LH have been out of stock for a little while now, and I realy need to buy some lube. SO, I was wndering if the Liquid silk was any good for Anal use? Obviously it contains silicone, which i'm rather weary of. Any advise would be terrific.


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    I use a product called Super Slik. Water based and a little goes a long way. I use it when taking a Doc Johnson Hung strapon and on my girl when she takes anal.

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    I am a fan of Sliquid, and Sliquid Sassy is their thicker, gel like "anal" lube but it is a good all rounder as it is water based (doesnt contain silicone) However, the lack of silicone does mean it dries quicker than a silicone lube. Some people say this is its one downside, that it needs reapplied often, but it doesnt really as it is reactivated with a few drops of water. (I just keep a glass of water handy, hey it saves on the lube lol) Sliquid bottles are also large so they last a long while.

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    I like the Sliquid sassy as well

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    We use maximus too. Don't know if it helps but they have the smaller bottle size available

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    Hi everyone. Thank you for all your replys, and the useful information. I appreciate it. In the end I went with the sliquid Sassy anal lube.

    The reason I didn't buy the maximas 50ml is simply I wanted value for money. I don't mean to sound cold but, well, money is tight.

    Thank you again for all your help. Ao glad these forums still exist to give useful advice.

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