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  1. Anal beads with string?

    emeraldpanda [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi all,

    Just wondering about the anal beads for sale here at Lovehoney. For some reason I had a different idea as to what typical anal beads looked like, I guess this came from porn or maybe a visual joke in some film. I imagined that the beads were connected by more of a loose string, rather than a firm 'jelly', such as the Lovehoney Beginner beads. Most of the beads on here seem to have this firm connection between them, so pulling one bead out will move all the other beads as well.

    I decided to try the Lovehoney beginner beads but I haven't had a lot of success with them. Maybe I am just missing something. Putting them in is fine, although they are a lot longer than I expected and I don't get much from the smaller ones, they seem like a waste of length. Once most/all the beads are in, it does feel nice (if invasive in length). However when I pull them out (attempting to do so at the time of orgasm) they all just seem to come out very smoothly, rather than each one 'popping' out, as I had imagined it. To be technical, my anus doesn't contract around each subsequent bead. Honestly, it feels a lot like defecating, which is not too sexy.

    What do people generally think about this? Is the experience with the string-type of beads different in the way that I'm expecting? I notice that there are a few on Lovehoney, however the "my first" beads look too small. The other ones are a bit fancy (Ba Wen power balls or vibrating), I could spring for them (hooray for Lovehoney's return policy) but just not sure if I'll like them enough over the beginner ones. Any recommendations, either in technique or products?

    Thanks for the help!

    Fluffbags [sign in to see picture]
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    Cant say i have seen the ones with string, nor used anal beads (More of a plug/toy kinds girl) however, judging by a lot of reviews on the toner balls, a lot of women prefer to have silicone material rather than string for hygiene purposes. So maybe this is why Lovehoney stock more of that type of bead, because its more sought after by customers.

    I guess all I could suggest is trying beads with the thinnest material between each ball as possible. I know this is a big leap in price from the beginner beads but:


    The material looks almost string like, and flexible.

    Or maybe it is because the beads you got were smaller, being for beginners. so The popping sensations were not as defined as they would normally be because there wasnt much variation in the size of the balls?

    Sorry if I havent been much help but welcome to the forums xx

    emeraldpanda [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks! And thanks for the response too.

    I had seen the power balls, and I am tempted. They do the whole Ben Wa rattling thing as well, which is probably a great thing but I just wondered if I should look for something that provided the more basic sensation first.

    Mr&MrsGrey [sign in to see picture]
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    You can use the basic ben wa balls in your ass. They give a nice stretching then popping sensation after!!

    lookslikefun [sign in to see picture]
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    It depends what you want to feel; some are fans of the pearl necklace (poor choice, I know), by which I mean a number of beads close together. Being pulled out, they create a bumpy, nobbly sensation. If the chain is long, this can be very stimulating as you can draw it out over many seconds.

    If you think you really want the bump-bump-bump of expand contract expand contract tension and release, then you're going to have to put your ring under more tension with bigger balls, and they need to be a bit apart or your bum wont have a chance to clamp down before being pulled open again.

    All of which means you're ending up with a long exciting object in your bum, one which could in all the excitement start to go round the corner. If so, the vinyl covered and thicker strings might save you from some nasty internal abrasion which a string yould cause on being pulled out if you get too excited and in a bit of a rush.

    Have fun, whatever you decide


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    Anal beads are usually a type of sex toy that is good for the beginners. This toy is a superb benefits to help anal making love for freshies. Normally, anal beads are usually even, round spheres created from silicone or perhaps plastic-type material. Like a shorter strand involving pearls, the beads are usually related one to the other by a sheet of nylon wire or perhaps additional style of strong rope-like substance, using a engagement ring or another style to manage in the end. Many anal beads really feel delicate to touch, and some are usually firm and also distinctive.

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