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  1. Rocks off big boy

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    Hey guys firstly just want to say happy new year to everyone.
    I was just wandering after reading the reviews of the big boy and noticing that the majority of the people were having trouble getting the third ball inserted, if they managed to in the end? I've just bought one in the sale and am really looking forward to using it. But just want to know if it was possible for anyone or whether they gave up. Just out of interest that all.

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    Never managed it myself, I gave up on it a long time ago. It's not a case of not being able to fit the width in, I'm stretched enough by the stage I get to it that it shouldn't be a problem, but it just doesn't seem to physically work with my anatomy.

    I still do think that there'll be an incredible moment where it finally does slip in and you're met with all sorts of pleasure, but unfortunately I didn't have the patience for it. Might have to give it another go now that i'm thinking of it though :p

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    I've just ordered one too, so I'll let you know how I get on with it. It should be here tomorrow.... very excited!

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    OK, I've just had a session with the Big Boy and am reporting back - I didn't have trouble getting the third ball in, the problem was getting it to STAY in! I had to use the vibrator bit as a handle to manouevre it into position, but almost as soon as I let go it would pop out again. It seems that there isn't enough of a pinch underneath the big ball for my sphincter to close around it properly and hold it in. The ridges on the handle bit were also a little too far forward to hit the perineum muscles.

    It worked fine if I kept hold of the handle, but that's not a very comfortable position to maintain. Even if I sat on it once I got it in, it always managed to slide out partially.

    I did have a pretty good P-spot orgasm however, so I'm not giving up on it just yet! I'll give it another couple of tries before writing my review.

    How did you get on with yours, buttman?

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