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  1. Prostate massage toys

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    Hi, we're hoping someone out there in Lovehoney land can help us. I recently bought the big boy prostate massager for my lovely fiancee as a xmas present.


    As I regularly peg him with a pretty big dildo and he likes to be well filled up, we thought this one would be the best.

    But we're having a hard time with it. We've tried it a couple of times already and both times have got as far as almost getting the 3rd fat bit in but can't get any further than that. He's well warmed up and we're using loads of lube. He says he feels like it's really pressing too hard on his prostate when i try and get the last bit in and after the last sesh he said his left bo11ock was really sore too, though it was fine the next day.

    What I'm finding is that it's hard to get the right angle to push it in right at the end as the bit that's supposed to sit on the prostate kind of gets in the way. We've tried a few different positions too.

    So we'd be grateful for any hints or tips that anyone out there could give us. We're thinking we might return it and get the next one down but don't want to give up on it just yet. We have tried it with the vibrations on when it was as far in as it would go and i held it in place which he said felt really good but we need to get it in properly so we can enjoy it hands free! Thanks

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    hi captain. i had exactly the same issue. my missus loves giving me anal and she has done for about 3 years now. she does me with a variety of dildos so im no newbie either. the big boy however, was a bridge too far. it took a lot of lube and persistance to get it all in but it just wasn't pleasureable at all. any movement from me would immidiately pop the largest ball out, which, as its marketed as a hands free pleasure toy, defeats the object. also, i tried holding it in while she did things, it became quite painful up inside (not sure if it was my prostate hurting!), and i felt almost bruised for a day or two after.

    also, no matter what preparation for the evenings events i did, it always made me need the loo as soon as it was removed (this has never happened with even the largest dildo she uses). we tried again and again but just couldn't make it happen. its now consigned to the bin, which seems a huge waste since it cost £40!.

    now we just stick to big dildo's and butt plugs which are much better.

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    hi to both knicker lover and captain00 looking at the big boy no wonder you struggle I think even for seasonal pros this one looks to BIG as the prostrate is only a couple of inches or50mm into the anus I don't know why they call this a prostrate massager,it looks more like torture to me. Try using the bad boy prostrate massager for getting your p spot play right

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